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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soda Pop Birthday Card

Hey there!  On Tuesday I mentioned that I had made three birthday cards for my daughter Bethany this year.  Today's post features card #3 - Naturally Sweet Soda Pop.  This card was cut with a Silhouette Cameo cut file  from the Silhouette store.  This card has wonderful visual dimension, but is, in fact, flat. 

And like the previous two cards, there was a reason for this card.  As a brand new teacher, Bethany had to give up her very part time job but she will not see a paycheck until next month.  So instead of gifts she received money for specific purposes.  Day one and two were money for fun and for general purposes.  Today's card held the money for a different fund.  To explain this to Bethany the conversation went like this:

Bethany:  A soda can!
Me:  Yes, do you know why?
Bethany:  No???
Me:  What happens when you drink soda?
Bethany:  You burp.
Me:  Yes, and the burp is what?
Bethany:  Rude??
Me:  True!  But what causes the burp?
Bethany:  OHHHH - GAS!!!
Me:  Yes!  This is your gas money fund!!!

A bit corny, but I did not want to give her a card with a car or a gas pump - Oh no!  That would be too easy to guess.  So I went with the pretty pink cardstock card, with pink print and gray/silver layers.  Inside I used a CTMH stamp from the Card Chatter: Birthday set.  


For the record, from now on I want all of my soda cans to have this pretty pink print on the cans!!  What are the chances?  Because truly it should be all about the can - not the soda!!  Just kidding.  I actually do not drink soda very often.... Mostly because of the reason this card was perfect for the gas money fund!!

Thanks for stopping by today and bearing with me as I worked my way though the birthday card posts. 


  1. Very cute and clever idea for gas money. Love the colors of your soda can. Makes me want a cherry soda and I do not drink soda! :)

  2. Sweet card. I love your story. My daughter called today, she couldn't believe how expensive light bulbs are. Its her first month since she graduated that she has to pay her credit card, I always send gift cards to her (without telling dad)

  3. This is totally awesome! :) :)

  4. OMGosh, this card is my favorite of the three! lol I love this can and yes all the soda cans should look like this! lol I don't drink soda either-rarely, but I might be temped if I had a can that looked like this! lol What a great idea for the gas money-I love the sutle hint behind it, you are just too clever Susan!

  5. HeeHee! Love your logic choosing te soda can. You're so funny! xxD