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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carriage & Princess Birthday Card

Hello everyone.  Today is going to kick off a series of posts I am calling Bethany's Birthday.   Sunday was Bethany's birthday and I made her three cards this year.  Today's post is the first of the three and also my favorite.  I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the fabulous carriage and I used a digi stamp for my poor little challenged princess!

The base card is a Silhouette America cut titled "Princess Carriage".  It is a two layer cut, plus the hearts.  I added another layer on which to print my sentiment.  I increased the carriage overall size and stretched the height up a bit to make it proportional to my printed digi stamp.  I copied the shadow cut and welded the two shadows together to create a card.  I finished the carriage with CTMH gems, perfect for my princess!

The digi stamp I used is actually a Halloween image titled "Cyber Mummy Susie", a Heather Valentin Digi Download Stamp from Scrapbook Stamp Society.  As a character in my card, she has a bit of a back story.  I envision her as a bit of a spoiled princess - everything has always been done for her by others.  But in the modern world she so trying to embrace, she must learn to do things for herself.  Of course that is not to say that she is ready to completely abandon all of her princess perks - like her princess carriage or unlimited wardrobe - but she is learning to cope.  But with her spoiled background, she manages to get herself into one tough spot after another. 

In my card story, Cyber Mummy Susie tried to wrap Bethany's gift herself.  As you can see she purchased some fun pink and magenta tapes to decorate the package.  However, being all thumbs, she seems to have had a bit of trouble with the tape!

Hence the sentiment on the card:  "So about your gift.... Um... I had a little trouble with the tape.  Do you think cash might be acceptable?"  Bethany thought cash was perfectly lovely - just like Cyber Mummy Susie!  Smart girl!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with Birthday Card #2 in the Bethany's Birthday series. 


  1. Oh what a giggle, adorable design and execution, love the princess all taped up, hugs

  2. super cute

  3. What a super fun and cute card Susan!! I love this little digi Princess, she is so cute and love that she is having problems with the tape, too funny! Cash is always the perfect gift!!