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Friday, December 28, 2012

Personalized Acrylic Cups with Vinyl Decor

Hello everyone.  I am back today to share a Christmas gift project I made before Christmas.  Of course I could not post about the project earlier because I did not want one of the recipients to sneak a peek on my blog.  I made four embellished 16 ounce acrylic cups for my children.  I tried to match the designs to the recipients' personalities.

My daughter-in-law to be, Crissie, is a high school theater teacher so I used happy and sad masks on Crissie's cup.  I LOVE the crowns on the masks!  I used the Silhouette Mardi Gras mask cut file to make the masks.  I copied the mask and removed the over the eye embellishment on the sad face.  I also turned the smile upside down to create the sad face. I saved the negative diamond cut outs and used them to embellish the cup.  I also black and white layered random dots.  The back side of this cup is embellished with Crissie's initials.

Bethany's cup may have been my favorite - though it was difficult to photograph.  Bethany's cup is embellished with green, black and white polka dot shoes!  This shoe cut is just adorable.  I added Bethany's initials in lime green to the back of the cup and I added black and white polka dots randomly around the cup.

Ian's cup is embellished with a four layer guitar, which is perfect for him. This is the USA ROCKS Silhouette cut file.  I edited away the words and enlarged some of the stars to use as embellishments.  I also added Ian's name to the back of the cup using a psychedelic font.  Note:  those red striped are placed indiviually!!

The final cup was made for Aaron and features his favorite comic character - The Batman.  Aaron had quite a Batman infused Christmas; the batman was an on-going gift theme from several people to Aaron.  Again this Batman logo file is available in the Silhouette America store.

I was a bit disappointed in my poor photographic skills with the acrylic cups.... they really turned out quite nice but the photos do not reflect that.

I will be back on Monday with a new project.  In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Update:  A lot of readers have asked for information about the file used to cut the high heels on Bethany's cup.  The file can be found in the Silhouette America store.  Use the search feature with key words "fancy heels".  


  1. Susan these cups are fantastic! I haven't done alot with the vinyl,but mind you I have a great stash of it LOL. I think I just might need to do something like this for Valentines Day! :)))
    I'm sure your gifts were a great hit and they loved them!!!

  2. Wow, these are all fabulous! I made some this summer but they only had names. Great job.

  3. These are gorgeous! I have so many questions for you. Did you use transfer tape?Did you find the layering of the vinyl hard to do?

    Such a fabulous job. So very pretty. I'm working on some for Valentines. I would super appreciate your help.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  4. WOW!!Gorgeous & Stunning!Love this idea!!
    Would love for you to join us at
    Have a wonderful Friday,
    PDE DT

  5. These look fabulous Susan! I am amazed at all the cups and how you made them to match the personalities of the owners. All are very unique and beautiful and I can't even image how well they look in person as they look so awesome in the pictures! Can I be one of your children?! lol

  6. those are darling and what a fun practical gift, hugs

  7. Love the shoe cup. Can you tell me where I can find the shoe? Would love to make this for all my girlfriends. Thank you!

  8. I just saw the cups fromPinterest and would love to know where I could find the shoe design, too!

  9. See the note above regarding the shoe file.