Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flocked Christmas Pillow

Hello everyone!  Today's project is one that I am super-excited to share - a Christmas Pillow!  I have made a real effort to be more subtle with my Christmas decor this year.  Now when I say more subtle, that really means the Christmas bomb was more of a Christmas grenade!  I still used a lot of my decorations, just in more limited quantities. 

As I looked around the great room I realized that changing the sofa pillows with the season would be a simple way to bring a festive touch without adding clutter or going over the top.   I thought about making new pillow covers, but then I had a moment of reality and went to TJ Maxx where found two matching cream colored pillows - @$14 each!! - and that includes the feather inserts!   Score!!  Best of all, the pillows covers have hidden zippers, which beats the Crate and Barrel pillow that are normally on the sofa!  Again I say, SCORE!

After a bit of a color "woops" I used Silhouette America's Flocked Heat Transfer Material to create the pillow front.   I pulled out my stash of flocked material and realized I had no red or green!  Ironic, since I wanted to craft Christmas pillows.  So after a quickly placed order, I was finally able to work on my pillow!

I used a Silhouette cut file called "Joy Word Tree".  I cut the the words at 9 inches tall by 12 inches wide.  Once I added the star and the tree trunk, the image was almost 12 x 12 square, a perfect size for the front of this 16x16 inch pillow cover!

I did mention that I found a set of matching pillow at TJ Maxx, didn't I?  I will be back tomorrow to share the pillow that now sits on the other end of the leather sectional!!!   I have to say that this truly was a fun project and I like how a little investment created a big impact - and will continue to in the years to come!

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