Fall Pumpkin Home Decor

Hello everyone.  So... How many of you figured out that blogger went crazy on me yesterday and posted my gift bag before I was ready?  Yes, that cute gift bag, with no text (!) was actually supposed to be today's blog post.  I had planned to add the text last night and post the gift bag today!!  Sigh.....

Sadly, I did not discover the error until sometime yesterday afternoon and I decided to ignore the whole thing.... It was far too late to correct and really - the photos were already out there and I figured you would just assume I was having a mute day (though ANYONE who really knows me knows that I NEVER have a mute day)!!!

Now that the mystery of the voiceless blog post has been solved, let's move on to today's post.  Yesterday afternoon I was working on wedding cards and a wedding gift plate.  Sadly I ran out of black vinyl and had to execute an emergency Hobby Lobby run!  And you know how it is, you cannot go through the door and purchase only what you went after.  Oh no.... A $7.99 package of vinyl must become a $45 double bag extravaganza! 

All Halloween items were on sale so of course I had to browse and see if anything looked appealing.  I found some VERY large pumpkins that were made for vinyl monograms.  The pumpkins just were not real looking. I decided to search the row of pumpkins for a better option and found these great white ceramic pumpkins - and knew I had just hit pay dirt!  There, at 40% off, was my next vinyl project!!

I used this cute owl cut from the Silhouette store and cut the vinyl in two colors - black and burnt orange.   I did have a bit of trouble smoothing out all of the vinyl - I was taking a 2D design and wrapping it onto a 3D pumpkin.  There was tweaking and tucking and an occasional nip with the craft knife, but over all I was VERY pleased with this pumpkin project!!

Our family will be attending the wedding of a good friend this weekend.  I will be sharing the plate I made for the bride and groom next week one day, as well as the wedding cards!  Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend!


  1. Your pumpkin is beautiful!

  2. It contains truly information. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more! Great visualization and unique informative article indeed.

  3. I love your pumpkin! It is so elegant looking.

  4. wow Susan that is so cool, hugs

  5. Super cute! Love the cuts and the fab porceline pumpkin. xxD


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