Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Silhouette Tuesday & Scrap Room Re-Org

Hello everyone.  Today I have a Silhouette Cameo vinyl project to share with you.  For those of us who are Cricut lovers, you may ask why I have a Cameo.  The truth is I love the delicate cuts and cartridge-free format.  I am constantly amazed at the detail the Cameo can create.

Today's project is called a Spilt Letter design.  I confess that I only found out about split letter designs recently - on the Silhouette Cameo page at Facebook.  I attempted to find a split letter design cut file at the Silhouette site, but came up empty.  So, I decided to try to created my own!

I had previously purchased a large glass hurricane and very tall candle at Hobby Lobby to create this fun gift for a friend.  I took two of my existing Silhouette files and combined them, along with the letter G and created my vinyl cut file. The delicate cuts came out fabulously and while transferring the vinyl to the glass was a slow and delicate process, it was also not difficult.  In the end, I think this is going to make a great birthday gift for a friend!

Other than crafting, I spent quite a few hours last week/weekend reorganizing my scrap room.  I find that each year following the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Charlotte that I have new supplies to find homes for and the urge to purge a few out of date supplies.  This year I added some furniture moving into the put way and purge equation.

Previously all of the furniture in my scrap room was placed around the walls, leaving the middle of the floor empty.  And while this looked neater, cleaner and more spacious, I found it to be less that convenient for every day crafting.  I was constantly back and forth across the room from cutting machine to work desk and back.    I placed my cube desk piece in the middle of the room to create a U-shaped work area.  My new arrangement enables me to stay in one location and have just about everything I need within reach.  And while the photo below is slightly misleading, I still have enough space to left to have a Cricut Imagine work station and eleven storage cubes beyond the desk..... Sweet!

Thanks for stopping by today.   I hope you enjoyed my Silhouette Cameo vinyl project and the brief peek into my scrap room.  I will be back tomorrow with another Cricut project to share with you.


  1. Susan, this is so elegant! LOVE IT! I'm going to have to dust off my Silhouette and grab some new images. My Silhouette SD is almost 6 years old and it originally came with a $100 gift card for purchasing and downloading images. I STILL have over $50 on that card. Time to get busy, wouldn't you say? They've come out with such gorgeous images since over the past year and I need to jump on the band wagon. Love how you combined the images. This is just beautiful!

  2. PS...your craft room is amazing!


    your craft room looks awesome!!


  4. Susan, i LOVE your craft room...it's just so wonderful, accessible and full of nifty wonders to create with.
    I hope you've seen my new craft room too. Love your tour... Love your candle jar project... Awesomeness.