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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Creating Keepsakes Convention and Beyond

Hello everyone.  I finally made it back to my computer after surviving three days in Charlotte, NC at the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention.   I had a wonderful time taking classes, shopping, dining out and hanging with my girlfriends!   Eleven of us attended the convention this year!  I also enjoyed meeting some of my blog readers in person - thank you to each of you who approached me to let me know that you read the blog!  

The cityscape above is the view from my room at the Westin.   My friend Toby and I enjoyed hosting the evening get togethers with our girlfriends.  After dinner everyone would drop by for an evening chat before bedtime.

Each of the eleven of us had a full class schedule.  Most of us took 5-6 classes each.  Below are my friends Bonnie and Peggy enjoying one of their many classes.

MFK shared a hotel room with Beth and Sally this year - the photo below show the three enjoying one of their classes.

The vendor faire was a bit smaller again this year, but my favorites were still in attendance.  Below is a photo of the Heartfelt Creations booth.  I took two HFC classes and enjoyed both.  What I really like about HFC, other than the amazing beauty of their creations, is that I always learn something new in each their classes!!

Below is a photo of Susan M. and Bonnie - Thank you Susan for sharing your photos with the group.

Below, Jan, Susan E (ME), and Bonnie were caught taking a break.

I have a quick story to tell you about Convention - and then I will tell you about the the new special at Close To My Heart!

There were four booths in the vendor faire that were very non-typical for a scrapbook convention:  A shoe sales group, Adorn It clothing, a wine mix salesman, and a cheese straws booth.  While I thought all four were a bit odd for the theme of the event, I have to admit that I purchased from three of the four (I did not come home with new shoes).  But this story deals with the cheese straw booth.

When I approached the cheese straw booth (mostly for a free sample!), I greeted the sales women and chatted with them - because honestly, I was their only customer!  They immediately identified me as a "non-local" (even after 21 years in SC my Midwestern accent has never quite disappeared) and felt that they should tell me about the history of cheese straws!!! 

They began by telling me that I must understand that cheese straws are a southern delicacy, popular at cocktail parties, holiday parties, and other southern festive events.  Okay, I get it.  Cheese straws are to the southern culture what anti pasta is to the Italian culture.  They are special and as a non-southerner I cannot possibly truly understand!  Okay, I am a dumb Yankee.  Whatever....

Now what I find most fascinating about the cheese straw topic is that in every group of southern friends, there is that one individual who prides herself on the quality of her cheese straws.  She knows her cheese straws are better than anyone else's and she is very proud of herself for having saved "her grandmama's recipe".  She is the friend who pulls you aside as you are planning an event, pats your arm and half whispers "don't you worry about a thing, honey.  I will bring the cheese straws because you really don't want (fill in the name) to bring them - she uses store brand cheese!"  The implication being that only her decades old recipe, tried and true by her grandmama and her mama, are worthy of being served.  And surely as a non-southerner (as are some of my friends) we can not be trusted to attempt anything as sacred at the Southern Cheese Straws!  I usually roll my eyes and assure the friend that I would love her cheese straws.  Sigh....

I am going to crawl further out on this limb and admit that I do not necessarily understand the fascination with cheese straws.  Are they not homemade crackers by another name?  And are they not just the tiniest bit dry?  I am afraid that my lack of cheese straw culture has forever marked me a a non-southern lady.   With all of this being said, I purchased the 8 ounce package of their cheese straws!

Close To My Heart

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have been to scrapbooking conventions but not the CKC yet. It looks like so much fun! As far as the cheese straws I don't understand the fascination with them either and I am southern! :) LOL

  2. Oh what a fun tour of CKC, the photos and I loved your story.

  3. I had such a wonderful time there--loved my classes and the shopping, and never even saw the cheese straws!

    You are all such a fun group of people and so very enjoyable to be around. I'm so glad that I went!