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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesome Stamped Gift Bag with Artiste

Hello everyone.  Welcome to day two of my week of Christmas in July.  Today I am sharing my very first 3-D project made with the new Cricut Artiste cartridge by Close to My Heart!  Last Christmas I made all of my to/from tags and number of the gift bags.  This year I plan to have more homemade packaging for our Christmas gifts - The first of which is this fun gift bag/box.

Using Cricut Craft Room and the Artiste cartridge I cut 3-D project number 63 which is pictured on page 79 of the Artiste cartridge handbook.  I used the hide select contour feature and removed the three handle cuts.  I had planned to add the stamped phrase on the front flap so the handles had to go.

I cut the box on the 12 x 24 inch mat.  Turning the box sideways, I filled the full 12 inch width of the mat with the box.  The image above is a screen shot from the cut file.  You can see that the handle cuts have been removed.

I cut three two layer Christmas ornaments to embellish the front of the box.  I made a little gift card with the ornament in the upper left corner.  I welded two of the white base cuts together to create a to/from card for the box.  I added a small square of Velcro as a closure on the card.

I added two layers to the scalloped flap.  I cut the round ornament above twice, designed to next in one another, and cut top of the ornaments off at the edge of the flap. 

The stamp used on the flap is from Close To My Heart and is called Christmas Love (D1492).  It is available from my on-line store where it retails for $17.95.  I cannot tell you how often I "go to" this stamp set.

You may have wondered how my box stayed closed so nicely.... I used a little Velcro closure, just as I did with the to/from ornament card, under the flap.  The Velcro has a very stick back so I do not need to worry about the closure coming unattached from the box.

The cardstock I used to cut the box is made by Darcie's.  Darcie's sells all of their paper in several different sizes and one of the sizes is 12x17 inches.  I love their Christmas prints for 3-D Christmas projects.  You can view their cardstock/paper selects at their website HERE.

Below is a final look at the completed box.  I am very pleased with how the box/bag turned out and I know it will look adorable under the tree later this year!

Cricut Artist by Close to My Heart will be available for purchase beginning August 1st.

I know a lot of CTMH consultants are taking "pre-orders" on this cartridge, but all they are doing is taking their customer's money, holding it until August 1st and will order then. I am not going to take your money ahead of time! And I suggest that you do not purchase from a pre-order unless you personally know the Consultant. Last summer when Art Philosophy came out a few former consultants took their customers' money and did not deliver their cartridges. It was very sad for all concerned. My CTMH up line suggested that our team not offer pre-orders.

What I am suggesting is that anyone who would like to purchase the Artist cartridge from me, please wait and order from my on-line store August 1st. You may also have a CTMH gathering or on-line party and purchase the cartridge for half price with a $250 party. If you do not purchase on-line, email me and we will work it out - after August 1st.

EVERYONE that purchases the Artiste Cartridge from me in August will be entered into a drawing to receive $50 in CTMH merchandise of their choice!!!


  1. Oh I love this bag/box!! I am so looking forward to this cart coming out!!

  2. Super cute little Christmas it! Lee-Ann :)

  3. This is gorgeous Susan,I love bags and boxes.Great how you turned the ornament into a tag that looks part of the decoration.
    Jayne x