Monday, June 25, 2012

Patriotic Centerpiece for July 4th

Hello everyone!  Welcome to this week's Bitten by the Bug 2 Patriotic Cricut challenge!  This week we are having another of our theme challenges, selected by me (!), where we are asking you to use any Cricut cartridge of your choice and craft a Patriotic project.    With July 4th (Independence day here in the United States) next week and I thought if the Bitten by the Bug 2 design team hosted a Patriotic challenge this week that you would have plenty of time to create your own projects for the holiday.
For my Patriotic project I crafted a July 4th complete tablescape.  I will share the elements of the tablescape with you over three posts this week, beginning with today's project, a Patriotic Centerpiece!  I used three cartridges to create my tablescape and all three cartridges are also used in my centerpiece:  Flower Shoppe, Ribbons and Rosettes, and Stand and Salute. 

I started by cutting several different sizes and layers of flowers from Flower Shoppe.   I used solid and printed red, white and blue hued cardstock.  Once I had finished cutting the flowers I wanted to add some dimension each layer.  I used a foam pad and the tool in the photo below to shape the flowers.  I pressed the tool down onto the cut flower and rubbed in small circles to create a lift in the flower petals.

Below you can see how well the petal shaping technique works.  The flower on the right has not been shaped, where as the flower on the left has been shaped and will now hold this shape!

I sorted the layered flowers together in piles and topped each pile with a button to serve as the flower center.  Working from the back of each button, I inserted the floral wire through one hole, bent the wire and threaded the end back through another hole in the button.  I then ran the wire through the center of the flower pile.  I bent the short end of the floral wire out (like a brad) to hold the layers together.  The long end of the floral wire was inserted into floral foam to create the centerpiece.

The photos above and below show the variety of printed and solid card stock used, as well as the buttons with the floral wire centers.

In addition to the flowers, the centerpiece also has two other elements, rosettes and fireworks!  I used the Ribbons and Rosettes cartridge and cut two different rosettes.  The larger center rosette has a star pattern on the edge with random stars cut out of the middle area. 

The rosette below (the two smaller rosettes in the centerpiece), use a much less complicated edge cut.  Each of the rosettes is assembled from six panels, then scored and assembled.  I used navy cirlces with heavy glue dots on each side of the rosette to hold the rosettes together.  I then added the cute firework from the Stand and Salute cartridge to center of each rosette.

I finished the rosettes by applying Stickles to the fuses and affixing Wilton large sucker sticks between the pleats.  Like the floral wire, the sucker sticks were there inserted into the green floral foam to create the the centerpiece.

Below is a bit of a tease photo to give you an idea of what I will be sharing with you in my Tuesday and Wednesday blog posts.

Be sure to drop by the Bitten by the Bug 2 after 11:00 am Eastern time.  I hope that you decide to play along with us this week - I cannot wait to see what you create!!  The directions for joining the weekly BBTB2 challenge are posted at the top of the BBTB2 blog.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that you will be back tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Fabulous Patriotic centerpiece! Love the pretty rosettes and flowers!
    Looking forward to seeing the complete tablescape!

  2. Susan, if this isn't a wow piece I have never seen one, great challenge, thanks and hugs

  3. Sandi said it all. This is truly a WOW factor. Love this centerpeice big time.

  4. Well my dear, MS has nothin' on you! FABULOUS centerpiece and now I'm craving some new carts (LOL). thanks for a great challenge and even greater inspiration! xxD

  5. I agree with everyone. This is amazing. Even the perfect dinnerware. Looks presidential. Ms could come to you for pointers.

  6. This is ridiculously cute. I just love all the colors and layers. Great Job!


  7. This is an AMAZING project! I love it!


  8. What a fantastic table centre Susan, I love it spotted the little sneaky peak too you really are the hostess with the mostest! Fabulous work!

  9. WOW-I'm speechless--this is so gorgeous. What an inspiration!

  10. Beautiful! You did a fantastic job, I love it!

  11. This is so neat and beautiful..WOW! Great job on your pick..This def rocks..Krista

  12. Oh WOW Susan. Just love your incredible centrepiece and your beautiful table and place cards. Sorry I didn't manage to play along...between work( I always increase my hours before school holidays so I can reduce them during!)and helping my parents move(they are relocating to be closer to us and it will be the first time we've lived less than an hour away from each other),just don't seem to make it to my craft room! Enjoy your celebrations.
    Jayne x

  13. WOWSERS Susan!!! What a gorgeous centerpiece. If I saw that at the store...I would buy it. Fabulous job and great choice for this weeks challenge :0)

  14. Wow...Wow...Wow!
    I just love this! What an amazing ceterpiece!

  15. Wow Susan. This makes fireworks go off in my head. It is so amazing. What a beautiful center piece and I love how you did the flowers. Fantabulous creation!

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  17. ps.. the rest of the tablescape posts are perfect!

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