Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gator Fun for a Friend

Hi everyone.  So sorry to be MIA yesterday but I was down with a bit of a tummy thing.   However, I am back today and have a fun, though not artistically award winning(!) card. 

About two weeks ago a sweet friend (and former co-worker) asked if I could fashion a Florida Gators birthday card for him.  I assured him that while I could make a Gator card, I would not promise anything wonderful

I checked alligator images in the Cricut library and then I moved on to the Silhouette store.  I found a gator that I thought I could do some handing trimming on and make him work.  I pulled up a photo of the Florida Gator mascot and did my best to make a copy.  The Florida colors are royal(ish) blue and orange, with a touch of white and the green gator. 

As I was working on the card I called my son (who is home from college for a few weeks this summer) what he thought of the gator.  Ian suggested that I make the gator look mean.   I added a googly eye and then I pulled out my black micro-tipped Copic and tried to create a grimace on the Gator's face.

Inside the card I used the cut out from the front frame and stamped happy birthday.  Dwight really liked the card. He contacted me today to tell me that his friend (the birthday boy) had also enjoyed his personalized Florida Gator card!

Again, I know this is NOT the best card I have ever made or shared, but it is fun.  Also, sharing this card will hopefully inspire you risk trying to copy a favorite team mascot for someone close to you!!

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Cute, but of course I would have preferred a TIGER! :) Hope you are having a fantastic week!

  2. awesome card

  3. We appreciate a good Gator card at our house (my son is one also). Nice job!