Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Titanic Tuesday and CTMH

I just love the Downton Abbey Fashions

Hello everyone.  As much as I hate to say good-bye to the Titanic era, today should be my final Titanic Tuesday post.  If you have no interest in the Titanic era fashions, skip ahead to my Close to My Heart video below.

In planning my Titanic Garden Party I did a lot of research.  One resource was the book "The Last Dinner on the Titanic", which was a fount of information about dining habits, food preparation, and the different dining areas on the Titanic.  I discovered lots of ways in which our current dining habits differ greatly from those 100 years ago. 

The photo above is a recreation Steerage Ball

In order to outfit myself and my husband for the party, I also did quite a bit of research into Titanic era fashions.  Like dining, fashions varied greatly depending on economic and social standards.  Out of sympathy for my husband, we decided to attend our own party as a 1912 middle class couple.  Doug did not want to spend the evening in white tie and tails!  And though he would have looked wonderful in the outfit, I completely concurred.  Instead we looked to second class, or middle class, standards of the day.

As you might have guessed there are many more photos and details about the upper class of 1912.  However I was able to uncover interesting tid-bits about men of the day.  For example, the long tie had come into fashion, but many middle class men liked the bow tie. 

I purchased an Edwardian shirt for Doug though a historic clothing vendor.  The differences from today include the rounded collar, the tuxedo pleated front and the gathered back.  Doug's vest had subtle grey one inch spaced pinstripes on the charcoal black fabric.   And even though his slacks had button on suspenders (or braces), Doug wore his vest all evening.  A gentleman NEVER appeared in public in just his shirt sleeves!  Only the working class (not management class) would appear in a shirt without a vest and jacket!

The looks below are were considered correct summer wear for men.  Note the driving coat as cars were newly on the scene and most provided a dusty ride.

The photo below shows member of a White Star Line ship, in 1912.  Note the crew attire in white long sleeve jackets and with shirts and ties under.  The others in the photo are passengers.

The ladies below are from the Titanic - they are the first class cabin stewardess.  They are dressed as one would expect a house maid of the time to appear.

The shirt, tie, and jacket below are also from the Titanic era.  This is a first class steward costume from James Cameron's 1997 Titanic movie.

The gentlemen below are from the crew of the Titanic's sister ship.  The was the attire of the White Star Line's Crew in 1912. 

Naval men of the day, non officers, wore outfits much like this one.  My husband's grandfather was in the navy in WWI and his family has photos of him in an outfit much like the one pictured.  However, the crew on the Titanic were employees of The White Star Line and did not wear naval attire.

When searching for fashions for my daughter Bethany and I, I looked to Downton Abbey and fashions like those pictured below.  I liked the net and lace "over dress" over a simple sheath. 

I went to Nataya's Designs and looked at her line of Titanic, teens and twenties inspired designs.  Bethany and I both found our dresses in her line.  I liked the dress below a lot and it reminded me of one of Lady Mary's styles on Downton Abbey, but I chose the dress I am wearing in the photo above.

Doug and I have agreed that we will be doing another historic themed party at some point.  I really like the twenties and the fourties so we may consider one of those time periods.... We will definitely skip the depression era! 

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  1. I love the fashions from that era (all the beauty of victorian fashion, without the bustle!) Corsets are a pain to wear though.

  2. Oh Susan I adore the Titanic era clothing. These photos are great, as was your party!!!!


  3. I was wondering where you got those fabulous fashions you wore for your party. You sure went all out! Fabulous! xxD