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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning my Craft Room ..... Or.....

Making room for all of my toys!  Yes that is how I have spent my last two and a half days - cleaning, clearing, sorting and reorganizing my craft room.  For those who have never read of my craft room evolution, in brief:  When we purchased our home five years ago I staked a claim on the smallest of our four bedrooms as a scrapbooking room.  Our older son was finishing his junior year of college and had completely moved out (complete with all of his furniture).  I placed a twin bed in the room and the rest was my scrap haven. 

Over the following eighteen months I expanded my work areas and decreased the sleeping space, eventually moving the twin bed (and it's mate) to Bethany's room (who by then had also moved out with her furniture).  I took over the entire craft room and have continued to grow into my space.  Which brings me to my issue - the space is no longer growing and my supply stash continues to grow!

The stacker drawer hold scraps, the open shelves hold my cases of cartridges, and the cardstock stacker is a lifesaver!

I know we all have paper and cardstock that we have had for literally YEARS.  I decided that some of that old, old paper had to go.  My rules for tossing were simple:  If I do not like the print or colors and cannot see myself EVER using it (and I question what I was thinking when I purchased the product initially) clearly it needs to go.  I am on my second large trash bag, and have just begun sorting "stamp land".

Stamp-land was a white cabinet that held almost all of my stamps.  Since becoming a Close to My Heart consultant I found that I no longer use the other stamps very often at all.  So I decided they could go to a less accessible area and leave my stamp-land cabinet to be renamed:  CTMH land!!  Clearly by the stamp packages on the middle and lower shelves, I need to purchase more of the CTMH stamp storage cases - which are awesome!

My "L" shaped desk where everything is within reach.
After sorting the stamps, reorganizing their storage and better sorting them into some sort of categories I moved all non-Close to my Heart stamps to cubes across the room.  

I have one final scraproom clean up tasks - "booking" the 150 or so pages that I have not placed in albums (shame on me).  The pages are taking up HUGE space in the cubes, where I have the pages sorted by family member.  I have 6 albums and a few packages of refills (pile on the floor above) to bring order to the "unbooked" pages . 

This is where I create.
My final scrap-land task will be to unpack my new Silhouette Cameo!  It arrived last week and I cannot wait to play with it!!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Happy April 1st.  I am not "fooling" when I tell you that I have a wonderfully fun, new Stamp of the Month to share with you:   YOU ARE.  YOU ARE retails for $17.95 but with a $50 order you may add YOU ARE to your cart during check out for only $5.00!


  1. Fabulous craft space! I would love to have a cameo too! How lucky you are:) Have Fun!

  2. Love all the pictures of the room! We are building a new home, and I too am claming one of the bedrooms as my craft room! Love to see all the different ways to organize! Gives me hope and inspiration! Rignt now I'm in the basement, in a 4x6 room that I had to beg and plead for! It's workable, but need room to turn the chair around in! :)

  3. Looks good Susan. I certainly know what you mean when you said your "stuff" is growing but space is staying the same. I just find it hard to let go of some stuff that I have never used or rarely use including all that paper...

  4. Love the pictures of your space. The cameo ahhhh I want one, I'm hoping to still use the cricut to though I just don't know if I need the cameo to, but I really want one.
    Have a great day and TFS.

  5. I love love love your craft room. I just claimed my room. Our son was married back in May and just got everything moved out and now it's mine. hehehehehe. Oh boy. Thank you so much for sharing you ideas with us. It's going to help a lot. I ordered the paper rack the other day and I can't wait. My paper is a mess. I just started getting into cards but, Ive been scrapbooking for awhile. Stamping is real new to me but, I love it. I just bought the March's Close to my heart set. I love it! Thank you again.

  6. Why do you not donate your supplies to a charitable organization? There are so many who would appreciate them. Joan Murphins