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Friday, April 6, 2012

Cricut Easter Place Cards

Hello everyone.  I mentioned earlier this week that I had been working on place cards using Teresa Collins Bunnies and Chicks Cricut Craft Room exclusive cartridge.  And here they are - all eight carrots ready to place on the napkins. 

I used two pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock to cut the base carrots - a bright orange and a pretty orange and cream print.  With careful rotation and placement I was able to place four 5.5 inch tall carrots on a single cutting page.  This was wonderful as I only had to make eight of the carrots.  Yeah for saving cardstock!After cutting the carrots, I used my scor-pal to score all eight of the carrots.  I then assemble the carrots.

 For the name plates I used Art Philosophy and cut scalloped ovals and plain ovals.  I used assorted coordinating prints to cut the scallop sections and orange cardstock to cut the name matting. 

For the yellow printed ovals, I created a table in MS Word and inserted each name into a cell.  After printing the name tags I used an oval punch to cut out the names.   The tag layers were then assembled and attached to the carrots.

So you may have asked, "What is up with those weird square plates Susan is using?"  Good question!  Normally for Easter my table would be set with pink Portuguese Bordallo Pinheiro dishes.  However, this year we will be entertaining and using our stone grills.  So I decided to go with square fondue type plates.  The plates are perfect for this social dinner - it has small compartments for each type of food cooked on the grill as well as space for sauces.   

The photos below show two types of stone grills.  We will be using the type of stone grill in the first photo, in fact we will be using two of them.  We find with eight guests that two of the grills work better to allot everyone adequate cooking area.

This is a very social dinner in that everyone cooks their own meat.  We provide fillet Mignon, chicken breast, and shrimp.  We cut the meat into bite size pieces, similar to this web photo below.  Everyone then cooks the meat they prefer.  And did I mention sauces?  We provide sauces for each type of meat. 

Other than make a couple of side dishes, this is not a difficult dinner to prepare.  Kimberly is bringing our salad and MFK (My Friend Kathy) is bringing the dessert.  So all I have to do is a couple of side dishes, bread, and prep the meat!! How easy is that?

Thank you for stopping by today.  I will try to remember to take photos of the dinner so that you can see how the stone grill works.  In the meantime, I hope you each have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter.


  1. Cool idea. Have fun! Love the place cards too.

  2. Love the place cards, and oh my what a beautiful beautiful place setting.

  3. Oh how fun! (and yummy! Love the adorable place cards. xxD

  4. I love those plates!!! Where did you get them?? Also, the stone grills, where do you get those?? The place cards are great too!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  5. I really like these place holders! I'm featuring them in FCCB's Fantabulous Friday post tomorrow!! :-)