Cricut Maker Machine

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Theater-Drama Class Bulletin Board with Cricut

Several months ago I mentioned that I had assisted my future daughter-in-law with bulletin boards for her Theater classroom.  Crissie wanted to post photos of her students performing and as well as have a place to post auditions and other information and I agreed to help her. 

I cut medium size tickets and in an effort to assist with her "word wall", a wall with words of study for her courses, I cut the word wall words inside the tickets and Crissie used them as a border on her board.  She was thrilled to have the words displayed in a way that added to her board visually, yet was decorative and represented theater!

I also cut large tickets, with cut outs of the phrase "Admit One" included on one end.  Crissie used this large tickets as matting for photos.  She posted photos of her students performing.  The large tickets were cut initially in red cardstock with gold backgrounds.  However on her visit this week Crissie asked for a few more large red tickets as well a some large gold tickets.

I also cut a stage scene for Crissie's bulletin board.  She placed this in the center board and added some title cuts that I gave her after these photos were taken.  I apologize for the low resolution of some of the photos, but they were taken with Crissie's phone camera.

Crissie told me that she has received a number of compliments on her bulletin boards and was quite happy that her co-workers and students noticed the changes to her classroom.


  1. How Fabulous! That really turned out so cool. TFS

  2. Wonderful. I also am in charge of drama at my the tickets to hold photos...hmm

  3. Love this, it's super cute! Such a creative idea!

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