Monday, January 16, 2012

Missing From Blog Land

Hello readers!  Yes, I am still missing from blog land... well, sort of.  I do not have a project to share today, nor did I complete my Bitten by the Bug 2 project this week.  I am not feeling quite like myself.  I have an unhappy tooth. 

I broke a tooth on some EVIL caramel corn.  I will be spending Tuesday morning at the dentist undergoing step one of a root canal.  :(   I am a bit nervous, but on the other hand, I am ready for the pain to be gone!!  I am hoping that by the end of the week I will have a happy tooth again!

I did manage quite a bit of scrapping over the last weekend as I was at the lake with my scrappy girlfriends - along with my antibiotics and vicodin!  I spent much of the weekend scrapping the photos from our November cruise - as well as being moody, spilling tea in MFK's van and being the person who was using MFK's Expression when it DIED!!  Not my best weekend.   I still have about 8 - 10 pages of cruise to scrap before the album will be complete.  Of course I also have to go back and do the journaling on the pages I completed/nearly completed at the lake (about 18 pages).   I have the photos grouped and I have a plan so the remaining pages in the book should come together easily, if not quickly.

I do hope to have some pages to share with you soon, as well as some baby shower invitations that I making for one of my Grandmother-to-be friends!

Think good thoughts about my tooth today, if you get a chance!!!


  1. So sorry to hear your tooth is giving you a fit. Darn that caramel popcorn (I love it too!!). I'm sure the root canal will relieve your pain. Hang in there, and good luck!--Pat N.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tooth. Root canals aren't so bad considering the pain you undergo before. Good Luck at the dentist and hope you are back to yourself soon!

  3. EIYIYI! My heart goes out to you! xxD