Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Travel Cold Beverage Cups

I have one final post about our anniversary cruise.  My friend Peggy gave us few really good tips on useful items to take along.  One of Peggy suggestions was Acrylic Tumblers to use with our soda/juice plan.  Peggy told me that if you take along you own larger tumbler that the bartenders would fill them with soda or juice instead of the smaller on-board glasses.  She was right and the tumblers were sooo useful!

Doug and I each purchased the "bubbles" plan where we had unlimited sodas and juices on board ship.  For me this was more of a virgin cocktail plan than a soda plan.  I drank a lot of  pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and sweet & sour mix drinks.  I am not a huge soda drinker, but I did have a few of those.  I did not want the inevitable "I am a 51 year old woman hot flash" that comes with true cocktails, so the virgin cocktails were perfect for the cruise. Two of the bartenders enjoyed creating new juice concoctions for me to enjoy.

The night before we sailed I went to Target and found these two acrylic tumblers. I used vinyl that I had on hand, along with three cricut cartridges.  For my tumbler I cut my initials and two sizes of pink and green circles.

For Doug's tumbler I cut green, white, and black circles as well as his initials in black vinyl. I also cut the skull and crossbones from Indie Art in white vinyl.    I think Doug secretly liked his pirate motif tumbler because he used it the entire week!!!

Thanks for coming by today.  I will be back tomorrow with an Imagine project to share.

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  1. These tumblers are so much fun! These would make terrific gifts :)

  2. Great idea for your cruise. wonder if they would have filled them up with the "cocktail plan"? LOL xxD

  3. I'm glad the tumblers worked for you! Yours are adorable!