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Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

 Happy Monday - only six more days until Christmas!   Are you ready for the big day?  I have not been paper crafting, unless you count wrapping packages, so today I am sharing a few photos of a few of our Christmas decorations.

I am going to confess that for some reason I decided to cut back on our festive decor this year. It usually looks like Santa sent the elves and they went crazy decorating.  For some reason I chose to go with festive, but not over the top.

Above is our tree.  Yes, only one.  Usually there are two or three Christmas trees. This year I did not put up the other two. I did, however, put all of my favorite ornaments on the large tree.  What I love most about our main Christmas tree is the years of memories that are associated with each ornament.  So many of them bring to mind special memories and events. Our ornaments are a mix of handmade, purchased, girl scout made, preschool projects, ornaments from school through the years, Waterford, Wedgwood, china, crystal, etc.  And it all blends to create a fun and festive FAMILY tree.

Elsewhere in the room the stockings are hung on nutcracker stocking stands.   We have two large Christmas collections - nutcrackers and Santas. I thought the nutcracker standing hangers would blend nicely with our other nutcrackers, which are on the shelves above the mantle.

I set up an iron tree (oops, does that count as #2) in the entry way, along with the advent calendar and festive snowmen. 

There are three nativities on display this year.  This one is on a shelf with a wax tree and a palm tree (edited out of the photo). Clearly I need to find more desert-ish accessories!

I do hope to get back to my scraproom this week - especially as I cleaned it on Friday.   But there is still baking to be done, more wrapping to complete, and some stocking stuffers to pick up (for my hubby and my 21 year old son - why are guys the hardest??).  I do have a few projects designed that I would like to cut and share with you, but I have decided to make no promises until after the holidays.

And finally, one last look at the tree by night. 

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  1. Oh what beautiful decorations Susan, your house look stunning. It looks to me as though your scaling back did'nt work to well!!