Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home with Sick People

I know, I know! I said that I would be back to crafting today. But, the best plans sometimes have flaws, or in this case, viruses. While I am completely over the yucky virus of last week, my son and future daughter-in-law have been sharing a particularly ugly illness.  So, as I explain what has been going on at our house I am sharing a few more cruise photos (Sorry, but that's all I have).

Crissie is on has been on antibiotics for the last week to combat bronchitis. While visiting Crissie's family, Aaron came down with a horrific stomach virus. They made it to our house on Saturday, only to have Crissie come down with the stomach virus! And we heard today that Crissie's mom also go the evil the stomach yuckies!

Aaron and Crissie were forced to stay an extra day just to relax and recover, which disrupted my promise to return to crafting by Monday. They will be able to leave for home in the morning (Monday) as both seem to be feeling much better, though I am not sure either of them is completely well.

I will get back to the scraproom on Monday!! I actually have been having scrapping withdrawals and cannot wait to relax in my scraproom and create!

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  1. OMG!!! You poor thing! Stomach viruses are the absolute worse! Hope everyone feels better soon. xxD