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Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun Holiday House with Happy Hauntings - Greatest Hit

Are you ready for another inspirational greatest hit? I created this fun house last year for Michael's craft up some holiday fun contest.  I am pleased to say that I won a $100 gift card for this funky house!  The judges told me that they loved that I cut the house using Happy Hauntings.

I cut the house at 7 inches using red cardstock for the walls and white cardstock for the roof pieces and trim pieces.  I gemmed and blinged the house with red gem stones and iridescent snowflakes.  The house is sitting in a pile of iridescent shred, with snowflakes, on a red charger.

I found some great pearl snowflakes at Michael's to trim the house.  I also found the fun mini Christmas lights on the "widows walk" portion of the house.

I shopped the miniature dollhouse section for the wreaths and trees to put around the house and the yard! I finished the house with a North Pole yard sign! 

As you read this I am touring Freeport, The Bahamas!  Last night was our first formal night on board.  I will take lots of photos to share with you upon my return!


  1. Wow! This is phenomenal. You should have won a lot more than $100. :)

  2. So funny, I just got that cart last week and was wondering if it was possible to make a Christmas house with it...even in my imagination could I have made it a nice as yours.

  3. How terrific! Your house is beautiful--that must have taken some time to put together! Merry Christmas!--pat N.

  4. my jaw hits floor! susan everytime i think i cant be wowed more by your creations, you do it again! i cant quit looking at this i love it :)