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Friday, October 7, 2011

CHA Moments Displayed in a Mosaic Layout

Today I want to share with you a way to incorporate a lot of photos into a minimal amount of pages.  Last year I attended the summer CHA in Chicago.  I saw so many inspiring projects, fun people, and wonderful craft products that I took a ton of photos.  However, in the overall plan of scrapbooking, I did not see a need to document my trip to CHA in the same way that I would a cruise or a trip to Disney. In other words, I do not plan to devote an entire book to my CHA trip. I did want to scrap the highlights or things I would like to remember, without going into micro detail on each part of the trip.  I decided to use Mosaic style pages to include a lot of photo elements without using a lot of space.

I first discovered Mosaic scrapbooking at the Creating Keepsakes Convention some years ago.  Sadly I ignored the products for several years(!).  In 2010 I became better acquainted with Tammie Potter's Mosaic Moments products and found that I love them!  I like to include a few mosaic pages in each scrapbook that I complete - just to add a different style and because as I stated above, you can include a lot of photos on the mosaic pages.

I selected the photos that I planned to use and then trimmed the photos to show just the part I wanted to use.  I made the photos fit into the grid.  I filled in the blank areas with strips and squares cut from coordinating cardstock.

On these four pages I was able to use 21 photos and two pieces of memorabilia in addition to themed cardstock as fillers.  I went with a very casual style on these four pages, even making hand written notes in the "filler" margins.  I really like how the pages came out as they feature people or elements that I want to remember from CHA.

While I only used my Cricut to cut the title elements on one of my four pages, tomorrow I will be sharing a layout here and on the Everyday Cricut blog that will show you an easy way to create mosaic layouts using the cricut machines.   I plan to show share the way I created the Cricut Mosaic plus share a bit about the two cartridges I used.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to see you again tomorrow for the Cricut Mosaic Layout!


  1. Love these layouts! I absolutely LOVE to take pictures and always want to include so many of them in my layouts, but most sketches only include 1 - 2 pictures. I'll have to look at mosaic layouts more.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    ~ JD ~

  2. Fab layout! That was really a super fun time, wasn't it? Really brings back memories. Hope we can do it again some time. xxD