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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Awesome Halloween Costumes with the Cricut!

Here we are in mid-October and it is time to scare up Halloween costumes for your little people - or for yourself!  I used to spend HOURS & HOURS sewing Halloween costumes - IF ONLY the Cricut machines had be available when my children were children! 

Provo Craft has created some FABULOUS Halloween costumes, made using the Cricut cutting machine, and sent me the information to share here at the Busy with the Cricky blog. Even though you may see these costumes on other blogs, I thought these were so awesome that I just had to share them.

Provo Craft has gracioulsy provided four fabulous costume ideas, complete with instructions below, to inspire you.  But remember you could use the same techniques to Cricut-create a costume of your own design!!!

Flower Child Costume


1. Cut flowers and circles from each color of vinyl; 5 of each piece at 4.41 inches flowers and 1.59 inches for circles.

2. Adhere vinyl shapes to jeans and t-shirt; mixing colors of centers and flowers.

3. Add solid vest and handkerchief headband to finish flower child costume.

What you’ll need:

Provo Craft Supplies

• Cricut Expression

• Gypsy Handheld Device

• Cricut Vinyl - Burnt Umber orange, Ice Blue, Lilac Purple, Lime Green, Yellow, Ruby Red, Rose Pink

• Cricut Classic Font- cut at 4.41 inches (remove tag holes), 1.59 inches. (Cut out flowers and smaller circles, adhere to clothing as desired, using smaller circles for centers of flowers on pants, and using flower centers in flowers on shirt.)

 Pizza Chef Costume

1. Using scissors, cut red fabric to a 12" x 12" square and follow the package directions to apply Heat N' Bond Ultra to wrong side of fabric with an iron. Place fabric face down on mat. Apply a few strips of masking tape around the edge of the fabric to prevent it from lifting and sliding while cutting.

2. Load the Deep Cut Blade into your Cricut Expression machine and set blade depth to 6. Using the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge, cut multiple 1.10" squares from red fabric.

3. Adhere squares to the apron and brim of chef hat in a checkerboard pattern using an iron.

4. Next, use the Gypsy device and Lite Billionaire cartridge to weld together the letters to spell the word "Pizza". Cut two words from black vinyl, one at 3" for the apron and the other at 1.9" for the hat. Apply to apron & hat with transfer tape and tools from Cricut Tool Kit.

5. Using the Lite Billionaire cartridge, cut a 0.90" mustache from black vinyl.

6. Place apron and hat on child. Have child wear the vinyl mustache.

7. Using the Simply Charmed cartridge, cut the pizza slice and all of its layers from cardstock for a costume accessory. Laminate with the YourStory machine for durability, if desired.

What you’ll need:

Provo Craft Supplies:

• Cricut Expression Machine

• Gypsy Handheld Design Device

• Deep Cut Blade

• Cricut Tool Kit

• Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge

• Lite Billionaire Cartridge

• Simply Charmed Cartridge

• YourStory Machine

• Cricut Vinyl – Raven

• Cricut Transfer Tape

Other Supplies:

• Laminating Pouches

• White Apron

• White Chef Hat

• Red Fabric

• Heat N' Bond Ultra

• Cardstock for Pizza (Tan, Black, Orange, Dark Red, Green)

• Adhesives

• Masking Tape

• Scissors

• Iron

Smarty Pants Costume

1. Use Cricut Vinyl and Cricut Expression to cut out letters for t-shirt.

2. Peel off backing and adhere to shirt as shown.

3. Brush hair into middle part, add thick rimmed glasses and pull pants up over waist.

What you will need:

Provo Craft Supplies:

• Cricut Expression

• Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge – “I” “M” “C” letters at 2.57 inches. 2 at 1.73 inches. ii ( for equal sign) at 1.21 inches

• Baby Steps Cricut Cartridge - heart at 2.53 inches

• Cricut Vinyl colors- Raven and Ruby Red

Other Supplies:
• T-shirt

Halloween Mask

1. Cut mask at 3.5 from black cardstock and emboss with Happy Hauntings embossing folder.

2. Cut two more masks from purple cardstock at 3.5 and place behind black mask; one off-centered to the top and left, and one to the bottom and right to create a shadow.

3. Stitch around edges.

4. Cut spider web at 3.5 from gray cardstock. *Tip: Cut 3 of them and stack them for extra support.

5. Embellish with gems.

6. Cut spider at .75 from black cardstock and adhere to web with black foam adhesive.

7. Add web to mask with black foam adhesive.

8. Cut a spider at 3 from black cardstock.

9. Add black button to head and embellish eyes with gems.

10. Add large button to body that has thin purple paper strips run through holes for thread.

11. Adhere to mask with black foam adhesive.

12. Punch hole in each side of mask and run black elastic lace through; knotting at back of each hole.

What you’ll need:

Provo Craft Supplies:

• Cricut Expression Machine

• Cuttlebug Machine

• Cricut Chic and Scary Cartridge

• Happy Hauntings companion set embossing folders

Other Supplies:

• Cardstock (black, purple, grey)

• Sewing supplies

• Black foam adhesive

• Buttons and gems


I truly LOVE these costume ideas!  Thank you PROVO CRAFT for creating and sharing these fabulous ideas.  The more I see of this amazing Halloween Mask the more I know what I will be wearing as I pass out goodies to my neighborhood gobblins!!


  1. Now that is thinking outside the box! Love the outfits and all the details!! Fabulous! Those kids really make the costumes!

  2. so much fun I might even get my hubby to dress up now??? (he likes the pizza chef)