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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planning Ahead for the Greenville Circle Crop

Yesterday was along and busy day. I drove to Atlanta and back (6 hours) and brought my younger son, Ian, home with me. Ian is on an early fall break until the end of the month. It was SOOO nice to see Ian and to spend time with him on the drive home. Of course after we arrived in Aiken I had to share Ian with Doug and Bethany.

After returning home and having dinner, I went to my friend Beth's house to work on wedding items for her beautiful daughter Libby's wedding. Libby is getting married in 10 days and Beth had some finishing details that needed handling. A group of us assembled the favor packages, the hospitality bags for the hotels, and the bubbles for the reception departure. With seven of us working it only took a couple of hours to knock out all three tasks. It would have taken Beth many, many hours to finish these tasks alone. The group of friends was happy to assist. In fact, if Beth had not let us help her we would have been very unhappy with her. Your friends should be there when you need assistance.

Anyway, my busy day prevented any new crafting.  Since I cannot yet share photos of the two banners I made for the Cricut banner contest, I decided to share the 3 x 3 inch calling cards I made for the Greenville, SC Southern Christmas Circle Crop. 

I used the Art Philosophy cartridge and Cricut Design Studio to create my cards.  I cut the base card in white American Crafts cardstock.  The frames were cut in assorted blue/wintery printed cardstock.  The centers were mostly older Stampin' Up cardstock.   I used one design, but four different cardstock combinations.

I cut the cut snowflakes in silver metallic cardstock.  I ran out of the metallic cardstock, but MFK - my friend Kathy told me that she has a sheet of 12x12 inch metallic silver cardstock that I may have to finish all of my calling cards.  This, my friends, is why you need a BFF who is also a paper crafter!!  When you have a crafting emergency you can run to your BFF for assistance.  Anyway, Kathy has the cardstock set aside for me!!

I finished the cards by printing my personal info on 8.5x11 inch cardstock.  I opened a MS Word document and created text boxes that coordinated with the design studio tag placements.  I ran the cardstock through the printer and then I carefully measured and lined up the cardstock on the cricut cutting mat.  I quickly marked the paper edges on the mat to make repeat cuts much quicker.  I then cut the tags with the Cricut and affixed the info tags to the back of the calling cards!

You have NOOO idea how unlike me it is to have a project nearly finished seven weeks before it is needed!!!   After all, I am the woman who has no idea what I will be posting at Everyday Cricut this Saturday.


  1. Hey, you gotta go where the mojo flows! LOL Now make sure you don't LOSE those darling calling cards before the big event (that would be me!) You know I'm sympathizing about the Everyday Cricut project, but hey, it's only Wednesday. I say sit on it for another couple of days. xxD

  2. You go girl! Love the embossed metallic snowflakes! I don't have a BFK, so I'm usually up a creek... LOL!

  3. YOu always have such great projects. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. I have a blog award for you on my blog. Please stop by and check it out. Dana papermemories4u@

  4. So CUTE SUSAN! Isn't nice to get things done early? I do that sometimes... NOT ALL THE TIME! Most of the time I'm running on adrenaline and get things done at the last minute! which is probably what you'll be doing for Saturday's POST! LOL
    Either way... it will be great like always! :o)


  5. Cute little cards!! Have fun at your Circle Crop!! Just wanted to say I am from Aitkin, MN - we should be like sister cities or something!! :-)

    ctibbmn at yahoo dot com