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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Reception Menu Cards with Tie The Knot

I am back in wedding land again!  I have been coming up with menu presentation options to present to my future DIL.  I found a post that my friend Donna Mundinger posted at Everyday Cricut last year (HERE) where she used TIE THE KNOT and created great note cards.  I liked the look of Donna's cards and decided to give them a try for myself.

The first thing I did was use my Cricut Imagine and printed two different pieces of cardstock.  I used the Theresa Collins Black and White cartridge (which was a gift from a friends and arrived today!!!) and printed one sheet of white cardstock with a print and one sheet of red cardstock with another print.... Remember that my future DIL has selected red, black, white, and a touch of silver as her colors.

After printing my print cardstocks, I set up a cut file in Cricut Design Studio.  After adding a page which contained two of the criss-cross cards, I added a page of triangles (from George) measured to fit the sides of the criss-cross cards.  After cutting the triangles with the Cricut, I used my paper trimmer to cut each triangle in half lengthwise.

After scoring the criss-cross cards and applying the black and white print to one side of the card and the red and black print to the other side.  I then scored the three folds - one on each side and the tab at the center bottom

Using my ATG, I applied adhesive to the bottom flap and folded in the black and white layer.  Next I applied adhesive to the bottom edge of the black and white print  and folded the red and black side over and sealed.

Next I created the menu inserts.  I used a rectangle from George and welded the shadow of the very pretty M from TIE THE KNOT to the top of the rectangle.  Then using MS SEASONAL ART, I added the letter "enu" and welded those to the capitol M.  The cut on the left in the photo below shows the base cut.  Next I cut the letter M in red cardstock and affixed it over the white shadow cut.

I made a second version of the insert to show to Crissie - one that has a black layer added under the red "Menu". Once the menu cards are completely assembled, we will need to finalize the menu the caterer, print the menu on vellum and affix the vellum to the cards.  Easy and elegant, but also personalized.


  1. Oh Susan these are stunning! From the printed TC papers to your fabulous design! Your future DIL will be thrilled which ever option she chooses, how lucky they are to have you design their wedding menus!

  2. This is so elegant and beautiful….AND one of my favorite color combos :)

  3. Absolutely GORGEUS, Susan, and thanks for the shout out. This is gonna be one FABULOUS wedding! xxD

  4. What a gorgeous project Susan! I'm gonna go broke if I keep visiting your blog because now I think I need this cart too! LOL!

  5. wow very pretty way to present the menu

  6. those are beautiful!! Any bride would love them.

  7. Beautiful! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Linda in Stanwood

  8. Wow, those are so beautiful! I'm sure your DIL will love them, who wouldn't!

  9. Beautiful!!!!!! Your daughter-in-law to be is going to LOVE these!!!!! I especially like the one with the black behind menu :)