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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday at the Lake

Greeting from Lake Murray – again. Yesterday was a fun and busy day here at the lake. We made a shopping trip into Columbia where we visited Michael’s, A.C. Moore, and the Columbiana Mall. I spent all of my time (and money) at Coldwater Creek and Williams Sonoma.

I was asked the name of the place where we are staying…. It is not a public place; it is my friend Beth’s family’s lake house. The house has five bedrooms and is just perfect for our group…. Well I suppose for Beth’s family too.

In the evening we took a sunset boat ride to Bird Island (Google Bird Island Lake Murray for more information on the phenomena). At sunset thousands and thousands of birds flock to the island, circling counter clockwise, singing and flying until just before darkness. It is a very beautiful and amazing sight.
Ironically, on the way back from the island we ran out of gas. Whoever took out the boat before us left it nearly empty…. This came as quite a shock to my friend Beth’s dad, who was driving. He had checked the tanks three days earlier and found them full, and he had not taken out the boat in between.
What everyone forgot was that Beth’s college age nephew and some friends had spent Sunday and Monday at the lake house and most likely used the boat. Sigh…
My friend Kathy sacrificed her acrylic tumbler and the last of the gas from one tank was then drained into the cup and poured into the other tank. This procedure allowed us to coast into the dock on fumes!!! It was a quite an adventure.

As a group we worked on a project for Beth’s daughter’s wedding. We were making the tags for the table favors. We cut two hundred white dog tags from Stand and Salute (the groom was served in Iraq) and two hundred initial sets and affixed them atop the white tags. We then cut two hundred red tags and layered them. The tags will be tied to small bags of personalized M&M’s, which have special meaning the bride and groom.

Between our trips and meals and wedding projects, I played with the Tammy Potter’s Mosaics again yesterday. I scrapped more of the Steeplechase as well as some photos of my older son and his fiancĂ©.

I think today will be more scrapping and less running around, but will be just as fun.


  1. Love all the pictures! Sounds like you had fun and a lot of work with all those party favors... I like the tag with the bag.... looks great! :o)

  2. Sounds like you're having a Ball! What beautiful favors and your pic and the layouts are gorgeous! xxD