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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Placesetting Pouches with Stand and Salute

Welcome to day three of my three day - three part partriotic posts.  Today I am going to share my super-duper easy stainless placesetting pouches, which are perfect for a picnic!!!  

I used only one cartridge to create these fun pouches, Stand and Salute.  Utilizing Design Studio to cut the basic tag, the star, the square and the American flag top layer, each pouch is made of only four pieces.  I altered the flag shape by stretching it long so that I could use just the striped lower section.   The first step in construction was to use scissors and remove the top of the flag, then to glue the red striped piece to the white square.

I added adhesive to three sides on the reverse of the red and white square and affixed it to the bottom of the navy tag - leaving the top open for the stainless to slip into.  To strengthen the pouches I used my Tim Holtz idea-ology Tiny Attacher Tool and stapled the four corners of the red striped piece.

The pouches above were cute, but I decided to add one more element - a large red button to the middle of each of the stars.  This was a perfect finishing touch!

And look how cut the placesetting pouches looked on my July 4th table.  And just think of the of the color and pattern combinations to match all of your outdoor dining themes!


  1. so nice such a good idea.


  2. As cute as can be! Love the big buttons! xxD

  3. This is such a wonderful idea and so simple too.... Gotta love that in a craft! :o)

  4. don't know how I missed this for the 4th of July.
    Soooo cute!