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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Patriotic Flowers with Flower Shoppe

Welcome to day two of my patriotic posts.  Today I am going to share the red, white, and blue flowers I used for my July 4th centerpiece.  The flowers were crafted with Cricut's new cartridge, Flower Shoppe!  I was very excited to see this cartridge - I love the 3-D items that can be created with the Cricut, so this cartridge provided me with the possibility of a 3-D flower garden!

One of the great things about this cartridge is the booklet included with the overlay and cartridge.  The book has photos of different flowers and then presents you with the recipe to cut all of the required elements for a single flower.  Nice, huh?

I started with the large red flower above.  I cut this at four inches.  Next, I cut the second from the bottom layer, the blue print petals.  These petals must be cut individually.  Next I cut the basic daisy-ish flower twice, in two sizes and colors.  Last, I cut the red swirl center.

I used quick drying Zip glue to assemble my flowers.  The Zip Glue really does dry quickly.  I began by applying a dab of glue to tab on the red flowers and adhering the tabs.  I used clips to hold the glue until it dried.

Once the glue was dry using my fingers only, I shaped the red petals to curl outward in an apparent opening of the bloom. 

 Next the blue petals were added, followed by the white basic flower and the blue dot basic flower.  I added large heavy-duty glue dots to the middle of the layers to hold the floral wire stem in place. 

The photo below shows how easily the curling flower centers remove from the cutting mat.  Apply adhesive to the back of the swirl cut and roll from the center outward to create centers for each flower.

After attaching the centers to the flowers I added pearls and buttons to the very center of the flowers. 

I cut the flower in different prints, but using the same cut sizes to create the bouquet below.  I can't wait to create another bouquet with the great cartridge!


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  2. Very nice you did a wonderful job.tfs

  3. thansk for the steps...your whole table was just beautiful

  4. OMGosh! Susan, those are gorgeous!

  5. I have absolutly no idea why I didn't buy this cart. Guess I figured I've got lots of different flower making things and haven't used any of them yet. But your bouquet is just stunning! Maybe you can come and decorate for my party next year! xxD

  6. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so much for this tutorial!!!!