Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Your Typical Sympathy Card

Hello everyone. I have to tell you, I have really debated with myself about posting this card. I really like how the card turned out, but I made this sympathy card for a friend and I did not want her to think I was exploiting her card or loss.
My friend Toby is an amazing woman, mother, teacher, wife, friend, and an incredible daughter. Toby's mother became ill and Toby refused to put her into a nursing home, but instead turned her own life upside down in order to care for her beloved mother. Her mother had been a pillar in Toby's life and Toby became a pillar for her mother. Toby is an example of what we should all aspire to become - completely devoted to those whom we love. I know that I have learned greatly from her example.

Toby's mother recently passed on to her eternal life and I wanted a pretty card for Toby. Toby loves dimension on cards - she is very tactile and likes touching the layers. I chose this card cut from the Cricut Circle exclusive French Manor cartridge especially for Toby. I knew she would be able to touch the flower cut over and over again. I cut the base card, then resized and cut the top layer to add dimension. I added foldered flowers over the cut flower, again for dimension as well as for additional color.

Inside the card I used an old-school wooden stamp to add a verse of scripture..... Toby lives her faith better than anyone I know so I thought she might I appreciate this reminder from Isaiah.

I know that most sympathy cards are not rosy pink with flowers and a bow, but for this lovely friend, "pretty" was perfect.


  1. Beautiful card. I too recently, made a sympathy card and posted it on my blog. I felt the same way you did. I finally thought to myself that sharing my story may have helped someone in way that I will never know. And for that reason I did post it. You can see it on my blog at

    Be blessed.

  2. Such a beautiful card. I am sure it will mean the world to her.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    Cindy :)

  3. The card is beautiful, so sorry for Toby's loss of her mom.

  4. Beautiful card! And the vibrancy shows how personal it is!!

  5. What a beautiful card!! I am sorry for Toby's loss. I will add her to my prayer list.


  6. What a beautiful card and tribute to your friend.

    I have found through my bereavement counseling that even though there is great love for our loved ones, not all of us are able to give the depth of care that is needed in a declining physical state. It does not say anything against the families of that loved one for having to put them in a heath care facility, it is doing what's best for all concerned at that time. For some, their own health may be declining, or there may be various life issues and care giving may not be an option, so we can't judge those situations; and I share this with experience and love from the stories I have heard over the years....

  7. Susan, this is really lovely! I personally prefer when I get a sympathy card that makes me smile, so I think this is WONDERFUL!

  8. What a beautiful card for Toby. I think you did the right thing to post it...it shows just how much you care about her and her mother.

  9. the card is very beautiful and im sure Toby will appreciate it. thanks for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous card and sounds perfect for your friend. I'm sure it has helped ease her sorrow. xxD