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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cricut Cricle Crop in Atlanta

Wow, the Cricut Circle Crop was FABULOUS!   We had such a fun filled day in Atlanta!   Shannon from Provo Craft along with two members of her design team spend the day guiding us through demos and cropping and snacks and prizes and guest visitor and a Cricut Store and …. FUN.  Shannon was so enthusiastic, so lively and so lovely – but not one of my photos captured any of that.  I am sorry Shannon.  You deserved so much better than this photo!

Our guest visitor was none other than the amazing Theresa Collins.  Theresa has a new Cricut Imagine cartridge coming out soon and she shared some of her designs and papers with us.  Shannon’s team put together Theresa’s Cricut Imagine print & cut book kits for each of us.  We made great books using the Theresa Collins products and the Your Story machine!!

Above - This is one of my table-mates, MADGE, who I accidentally called Helen (who sat across from me) binding her book in the Your Story.  Madge was awesome.  She managed to get near the front of the line for the store so she took my money (because I was at the far, far end of the line) and made my two purchases for me.  I wanted a Cricut Circle scarf (very pretty) and one of the new Cricut Quilled Flower sets!  So cute. 

Now speaking of my bad photo day – this is Susan in SC from the Cricut MB.  This is not a great photo of Susan.  She is just beautiful – inside and out.  Susan was also at our table of four.  We had such a nice group, and they made sure that I behaved!!

There were several demos of Provo Craft products:  the new Quill set, the new Cuttlebug, the new folders and new cut and emboss Cuttlebug products, and everyone was given the opportunity to use the Yudu.  I passed on the Yudu opportunity in order to let others have more time.  I own a Yudu so already I knew how to use the machine.

Did I mention prizes?

And more prizes?  I won a new cartridge and a Yudu Card Shop machine.  Madge won a set of screens for the card shop so I traded her my cartridge for her screens.  That way she had something she could use and I received extra screens!

There were two swaps organized by Amy and Paulette from the MB.  We had a ribbon was and a goodie bag swap.  I made the trading card boxes (from my previous blog post) for the goodie boxes.

The final two photos provide an overview of the room, everyone chilling during a mini break (hence the number of empty seats).  Behind the photographer is the demo area and snack area.

If you are ever presented with the opportunity to attend a Provo Craft crop run to sign up!   This was such a nice day, but over far too soon.  Our day flew by!   Susan in SC and I spoke with Shannon and received permission to plan a South Carolina Circle Crop later in the year!!  Sooooo do join the circle and start saving for a fun weekend in SC!!!


  1. Oh wow, Susan! Looks like it was a great time! One of these days I'll get to join in on one of these. Thanks for sharing the great photos! daughter started her own blog. Love for you to check it out!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. I hope there is a crop in my area and soon! thank you for sharing.