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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cricut Circle Crop - Atlanta

Hello everyone.  I am here in Atlanta getting ready for the first ever Atlanta Cricut Circle Crop!!!  Can you say EXCITED???  Thursday night I met 18 other women who are also victims of this horridly addictive disease we call CRICUT!  Yes, every one of them is totally and completely Cricut addicted!!

Susan in SC, from the Cricut Message board, and I joined a large group for dinner at Carrabas and then a smaller group for dessert at the cheesecake factory.  (Little side note:  how does one remember the difference between desert and dessert?  Dessert has two S's and you know you always want more dessert than you want desert.  Okay that was our lesson for the night).   I am stuffed and I suspect I will have to live on water, fruits and veggies next week as all of my weight watchers points have been spent!

Back the the Circle Crop.... The last I heard there are 44 or so of us attending.  Theresa Collins will be popping in to share her latest kit with us and walk us through assembly.  Provo Craft has promised great door prizes and loads of fun. 

Two FABULOUS women from the MB arranged the group dinners (yes, I said dinnerS - there is another Friday night) and a couple of swaps.  There are two swaps - a goodie bag swap and a ribbon swap.  I brought 25 one yard lengths of Stampin' Up ribbon to trade in the ribbon swap.  And I made (with the much appreciated and enjoyed help of MFK and her sister Kimberly) 50 3.3 inch boxes to hold the circle trading cards.  Since everyone is supposed to bring 3x3 cards I thought they could use boxes in which to store their cards.  The boxes are my contribution to the goodie bag exchange. 

The boxes were a quick cut on the 12 x 12 mat using George and Basic Shapes, some quick pre-marked scoring, a Cricut Circle logo on the front and my signature stamp watermarked onto the bottom of the box.

Best of all, I designed the box so that it only needs two lines of glue to hold it together!!

My 3 x 3 Circle Trading Cards were created using my computer and printer, as well as the Cindy Loo cartridge.  I don't know WHAT I would have done without Kathy's and Kimberly's assistance on assembling the cards.  The Cindy Loo cut was a challenge to cut this small.  After Kathy and Kimberly left I finished the cards by adding gems using my I-Rock gem setter and color on the bird and some leaves with Copic markers.    The back side of the card has my name and Busy with the Cricky information.

I will keep you posted on  how the Cricut Crop developes..... I am so ready for all of the fun!!!  I must dash off now as I do not want to miss a thing!!!


  1. Susan have lots of fun this weekend

  2. They are going to LOVE their boxes Susan! What a great idea!! Your calling cards are beautiful! So wish I was there to play too :)

  3. Have a fabulous time! love the Circle trading cards!

  4. Have fun fun fun...oh yeah another way to remember desserts has 2 is stressed spelled backwards and lets face it you always want desserts when stressed

  5. Would you ever consider doing one of these crops in the Charlotte area? I live about 3 hours north of Charlotte. Love your work!
    Martha in VA