Monday, February 21, 2011

A Case of the Vapors

I am down with a case of the vapors!  And you know how the vapors are - consequently I did not get my BBTB2 project finished for this week.  Actually I am having afternoon headaches - very unpleasant headaches - that are keeping me out of commission.  I believe the culprit is our weather.... 70 one day, 80 the next, 60 and windy the next..... My internal barometer has run a muck!  I will return later in the week.....


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  2. Second try....I was wondering where you and your project were! Hope you are feeling better really, really soon :)

  3. Missed you this week! Hope you're feeling better! xxD

  4. hope you are feeling better soon. i appreciate how you are feeling, our weather here is up and down too (rain, snow, rain, snow) and me and my whole family are suffering with sinus problems. hope you are feeling better.

  5. Feel better soon, Susan! I totally understand -- the pollen is running rampant here in North Central Florida and the thermometer is up and down and up and down.

    I've left something for you over on my blog.

    ~ Jen