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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog awards

I have been completely overwhelmed with the kindness of my blogging peers.  I was awarded this Stylish Blogger Award not once, not twice, but four times over the last few weeks.  And those who shared the award with me are amazing bloggers themselves!! 

Please take a few minutes and check out these four wonderful blogs.  There are sooo many amazing blogs available - it is difficult for all of the blog readers to locate new and exciting blogs.  Take a look at these four blogs and enjoy the stylish-ness of each!

Thank you to each of these wonderful bloggers for sharing their award with me.  I am going to borrow from my friend Donna Mundinger and suggest that each person with a blog go ahead and post this award on your blog.  I love all of the blogs I visit and I think we are all stylish in our own way.  
Happy Friday!!

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