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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working on the Christmas Bomb Explosion

The annual Christmas bomb exploded at our house earlier this week.  The Christmas bomb debris is scatter through the entryway, down into the great room, across into the dining room, and back into the study.  I have been working to make the house a winter wonderland and that is why I have a lack of paper crafting to share.

I am going to share a bit about our large family tree.  I love our tree.  It features heirloom ornaments, handmade treasures my children made when they were small, Wedgwood ornaments, photo ornaments, etc.  I love the eclectic mix.    Sitting here with my laptop when I glace up I see glitter ornaments I made last year with the scrappy girlfriends, Ian as a doily angel, and a hand blown snowman.  Looking up I see a Wedgwood angel, a china nativity, and the Beatles yellow submarine!  I am currently deciding if I should finish the tree with ribbon or with beads wrapping around.... oh decisions, decisions.....

This tree has baby photo charm ornaments, gingerbread people made in scouts, Snoopy, and tons of angels.  I feel that in some ways the tree highlights different phases of our lives and is truly representative of our family.

Perhaps that is why it is taking me days to finish the decorating - I have memories associated with so many of our decorations and I enjoy remembering as I touch each item. I smile when I see the "Our First Christmas" ornament date 1981, given to me by my former sister-in-law (who I still love).  I lovingly touched the little stuffed reindeer my father-in-law gave to Aaron his first Christmas (my father-in-law's last Christmas), and I smile when I put the Carolina Panther and Michigan State University ornaments out.

 One last place to share - the fire place.  I have not finished the top shelf yet, but this area is coming along nicely.  The ceiling in this room is 16 feet tall, so in addition to the Christmas containers, there is also a ladder still in the room!  I sure hope no one drops by unexpectedly!!!

This may be a season of advent - preparing for the celebration of the birth of the Christ child, but it is also a season for fond memories and for making new memories.   I promise to finish with the Christmas bomb soon and return to my scraproom!


  1. Ah, the Christmas bomb. I know it well! Your decorations are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos! Your post made me smile, thinking about pulling all the ornaments out of the box and remembering where they all came from... Aah! We do a Family Ornament Exchange every year and my mom has ALWAYS given each of us a dated ornament, every year... so there are SO MANY memories in those boxes!!! Wonderful recollections! Thank you!

  3. I know the christmas bamb explosion very well! It hit my home this past weekend! Thank you sharing!

  4. Your tree looks fabulous, mine is of an eclectic mix as well, and most of my ornaments hold a very special memory!! Its the best kind of tree, thanks for sharing!!

  5. great tree...lovin the nut crackers..they are my fav

  6. Looking beautiful, Susan!

  7. Susan,
    I'm doing exactly the same thing and feel the same. Each ornament on my two trees brings back fabulous memories all the way back to my childhood. It is a big job doing all the decorating, but I wouldn't trade it for anything :-)

  8. Well you're way ahead of me, girlfriend! Haven't even strted. maybe this weekend, (after I'm done with BBTB2. LOL) xxD