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Friday, December 3, 2010

Polar Bear Express Wreath - Michaels Weekly Contest

It seems like forever since I have been in my scrap room to do more than grab supplies and go work on a non-paper crafting project.  Today was no exception.  But before I go into that, let me tell you about yesterday.

MFK (my friend Kathy) and I made a trip to Michaels!  For us Michaels is a 40-45 minute car ride so it is not like running out to Hobby Lobby.  My $100 gift card from week two of Michaels Crafting Holiday Magic contest arrived and we went in search of good deals.  Armed with coupons (thanks MFK) and gift card we stormed Michaels.  I was disappointed that they were sold out of the Snow Angel Imagine cartridge, but I did not let that drag me down.  I purchased some sale paper, some cardstock, a couple of sets of stamps, a large paper punch, etc, etc.  Honestly I do not recall all that came home with me.  I also purchased holiday supplies - the supplies for my Polar Bear wreath, gift wrap, and lots of ribbon.

MFK and I then went to a HUGE Christmas store and wandered for another hour!!  I found some great buys - including a LOUD set of toys for my nephew for Christmas.  My mom assures me that Carter will LOVE the guitar.  She was amused that I wanted loud toys.  Yes, I am getting even with my brother for winding my kids up when they were little!

So that was my day and that is why there were no new crafts to share.  But today I have crafts.  Not paper crafts, but crafts non-the-less.

Today I created my Polar Bear Express wreath.  The required materials were a wreath, plastic ornaments, and yarn. The materials used were:  Celebrate It Christmas 24” Wreath, 5 Jingle ‘n’ Jolly Polar Bear Ornaments - with yarn knitted scarves, 5 Celebrate It plastic ornaments, 24 gauge wire, Icicle Stickles, Candy Cane Red Stickles, 3/8 inch red ribbon, Celebrate It 1.5 inch white-dot on white ribbon, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers.

Begin by cutting five 10-inch lengths of wire.  Wrap the wire around the neck of the polar bears, placing the wire under the yarn knit scarves.  Using the needle nose pliers and affix the bears to the wreath.  Remove the tops from the plastic ornaments.  Squeeze two continuous swirling lines of Stickles onto the ornaments – one in Icicle Stickles and one in Candy Cane Red Stickles.  Set the ornaments upside-down and let them dry.  When the Stickles have dried, replace the tops onto the ornaments and tie a 4 inch strip of ribbon on to each ornament.  Use 5 inch lengths of the wire and affix the ornaments to the wreath.  Make five large double loops of ribbon and wire them to the wreath.  Finally make a large bow and wire it to the wreath.  Hang and enjoy!

I will be doing some paper crafting this weekend.  I have to create my BBTB2 project for Monday, as well as use some of my new toys!!!


  1. Beautiful wreath, Susan. TFS! :-)

  2. OOOhhh, pretty pretty! Be sure to let me know when the voting begins. xxD

  3. Oh so pretty Susan, looks like my backyard today! Love it!