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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gather Together Bountiful Card

I have a confession.  I have never sent out a Thanksgiving card.  And it has only been since I have been making cards that I have sent out Halloween cards.  But this year I will be mailing a few Thanksgiving cards to some family members.  Today's card is the first of my Thanksgiving themed cards.

The base card was cut in a fall print cardstock using Just Because Cards.  The three matting layers were cut with my 12 inch trimmer.  I used the Stampin' Up ticket punch on the corners of the matting.  And then I used my new obsession - PEEL OFFS!  I trimmed the top mat with peel offs and the main image is a peel off.

I found a great sheet of gold peel off fall leaves and I chose this two leaf flourish peel off for my card.  The peel off was affixed to orange metallic cardstock and then trimmed even with the edges of the peel off.   The leaves were then affixed to the matting layers.

The card was finished with orange organza ribbon and a cardstock sentiment.  I added a square of rust paper inside the card, topped with a square of white cardstock on which to write the greeting.  My family will be quite surprised with all of the cards coming their way!!


  1. Simply beautiful. What gorgeous colors and festive embellishments. This card will become a special keepsake to anyone luck enough to receive it. Love your work.


  2. Susan, this is gorgeous! The colors are just beautiful!

  3. I love the simple elegance of this card!

    Are Peel Offs a particular brand or called just that? Where can you get them?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Jess,

    Peel offs are called just "Peel offs or Peel off stickers." There is a nice selection at A Cherry on at this link:


  5. Gorgeous thanksgiving card! I love the ribbon ;0).

    Carol L

  6. It's absolutely gorgeous, so elegant!

  7. I love your card...the colours are beautiful!!

  8. A gorgeous card! The recipiant will be delighted.
    Cindy A.

  9. Gorgeous, Susan! Love those peelies and the colors are spectacular! xxD