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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Batman Birthday Set

We had a birthday in our family last weekend.  We celebrated my son Aaron's birthday - my son Aaron's 25th birthday!  Aaron is a fun man.  He believes that Batman is the greatest super hero ever because he is sure that Batman has something in his bat belt to take out any other super hero.   Aaron and I had a conversation going on via facebook where we were debating who was better, Batman or Superman.  I thought (apparently in error!) that Superman could take Batman.  Batman is after all a mere human where as Superman is from another planet.  Superman can fly, repel bullets, has laser vision, etc.  Just as I finished stating my case Aaron informed me that he is sure that Batman keeps Kryptonite in his utility belt just in case Superman needs taking down!   Such intellectual debate!

It matters not that Aaron is 25, I decided that Batman should be the theme of the day.  One of Aaron's gifts was Converse All-Star high top sneakers - with Batman and Gotham cartoon print fabric!  Aaron is a high school teacher so I am sure his new footwear will be a hit with his students!  As the sneakers set the theme, I decided to let Batman be apart of his other gifts.  I found a Batman gift bag at a local store and it was perfect size for the hardcover book we had for Aaron. 

Using black, navy, cream and yellow cardstock I made a Batman birthday card and envelope.  I used Design Studio and welded two Batman heads together to create the card shape.  The face and mask elements were cut to size for the card.  A skin tone Copic marker was used to color Batman's face - though I did wonder if he should have a five o'clock shadow!  The Batman font was used on the card, except for the O; I used a circle and the bat emblem for the O. 

For Aaron's smaller gift I created the 3-D Gotham box from the Batman cartridge.  The box was super easy to make, even with my one change to the pattern.  The box is supposed to close under the bat emblem, but I decided to add sticky velcro under the light beam.

Aaron LOVED his sneakers.  He also liked his other two gifts even if they were not Batman related.  He laughed at his Bat card and gift box!!  Who would have thought that Batman would be such a hit for my son's 25th birthday!!  Well, actually I guess I did.  After all, I only purchased the Batman cartridge BECAUSE of Aaron!!!


  1. OMG this is just fabulous and my 5 year old would go crazy for this.
    Lana x
    Fab blog by the way!

  2. FABULOUS!!!! That is cute, cute. I would like to see those shoes! I'm sure he is a hit with his students! It's a great way to relate to them...great teacher, I'm sure! My 40 something BF thinks that Batman is the greatest ever...well next to Boba Fett from Starwars (although I'm not sure what he's even talking about!!!) :) Boys will be boys for all of their lives! It's fun!

  3. Susan, how timey. I am doing a Batman themed birthday for my 7 year old grandson Adin. I love the Batman card and will most definately have to make one of these. I visit your blog ever single day and get much inspiration from you. Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us. Janice

  4. It doesn't matter how old they are if men are into something then they want it lol. Love this gift set, it is perfect.
    Kim xXx

  5. This is eally cute!!!!

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  7. Awesome idea! I love son (5) would also love this theme!

    Thank you for sharing!


  8. Oh my! I could have had that conversation with my son-in-law! LOL He will be 25 in June AND, God willing, he will be a music teacher when he graduates this year. I'll have to check that cartridge out!

  9. WOW!!! What a great job!!! He sounds like a fun guy! :)

  10. HeeHee! They never grow up! (thank God, eh?) Fabulous stuff, girlfriend and a happy birthday to Aaron! xxd