Cricut Maker Machine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

YuDu Fall Napkin Set

I had so much fun with my YuDu over the weekend - I created a set of fall themed dinner napkins.  I chose a design from the new Thanksgiving seasonal cartridge, which I modified slightly in Cricut Design Studio.  The pumpkin in the center is supposed to be solid, but by manipulating the top layer of pumpkin a bit smaller in CDS and placing the smaller pumpkin in the middle of the larger design I was able to create an outline effect. In the photo below you can see that I placed the base cut on the CDS mat and then using the "hide select contour feature" to removed the leaves and inside cuts, I placed the slightly reduced top pumpkin cut inside the background cut to create the outline. I chose this particular design because I wanted something that could be used for longer than Thanksgiving weekend or for Halloween.  So I went with a generic fall theme to expand the usefulness of the napkins.

I found these great pumpkin colored napkins at Tuesday Morning several weeks ago.  I thought they were perfect for fall. I actually set up two YuDu screens, but ended up not liking the effect.  I had planned to fill the pumpkins in with a second color, but instead I just went with a single color. The second color distracted from the simple elegance of the design.

I cut the pumpkin design in black vinyl and affixed it to the transparent overlay provided with the Yudu. After preparing the emulsion, I exposed the image onto the screen.  The Yudu is soooo easy to use; I am so glad that I took the plunge and added it to my Provo Craft line up!

I used gold paint on the pumpkins, but it looks a bit greenish in the photos.  I had planned to fill in the the pumpkins in an orange, but as I stated above it just did not look good.   I am excited to use my napkins, but I need to heat set the paint first.


  1. Really gorgeous, Susan! I was intrigued by the Yudu at CHA too, but it just seems too big and messy and my DH would have a heart attack if I showed up with yet ANOTHER machine. My cake AND Your Story have yet to be taken out of the boxes. But maybe all crack open the cake to do some Thanksgiving pie decorations. Your apple pie looked fab! xxD

  2. Very pretty. What a cool idea. I bought my daughter a Yudu for Christmas last year and we have not used it yet!

  3. These look really pretty, love the design you chose.
    Kim xXx

  4. That is really pretty... I have thought about buying a YUDU.... I am afraid it will be hard to use!

  5. How beautiful. I love how you got the outline effect. The napkins turned out so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. These are so pretty! I love all th napkins you've made...they'd make super gifts! TFS

    ~Sharon C.

  7. These are fabulous!! Love the whole set. This would make a great hostes gift. TFS.