Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mini Monster Name Tags for the Office

Halloween is slowly working its way into our office area at work.  I have put up orange mini lights, a fall leaf garland and a few other odd and ends.  But this weekend I decided to make name tags to cover our door name plates.  Outside of each office is a plate that contains the office number and the first initial and last name of the office occupant.  For those in my area I crafted new name plate covers.

The little monsters should attach over top of the name section and leave the office number visible.  Our office is divided into quadrants and I did not feel obligated to make a character name plates for the rest of the office personnel, that would be far too many.  My area only has six people at the moment as some are on assignments out of the office and two people recently left.

The four Mini Monster characters here were cut using Mini Monsters with the Imagine cartridge on the Imagine machine.  It is possible to insert two cartridges into the Cricut Imagine at once, a regular Cricut cartridge (in this case Mini Monsters) and an Imagine cartridge.  You can then select an image (and the image layers) to cut and edit each layer.  For example, the Imagine provides to the opportunity to click on each layer of an image and change the color or pattern.  In the image above I cut the Susan tag in three layers - the base cut was colored goldish-orange, the second layer was colored white, and the top layer was colored black.  The Imagine printed and then cut my selections. It is a lot like the Cricut Expression, except instead of placing your color/pattern paper on the mat and cutting, you select your color or pattern electronically and the Imagine prints then cuts the image layers.

This final name plate was assembled then colored with Copic markers.  I also added discarded pieces from the previous characters, like the ribs and pelvic bones as well as the bones on which he is munching.

I will be back tomorrow with another new project to share.  Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. These are a serious hoot! Had to laugh at the last one. I thought the pelvic bones were intestines at first. EEEwww!