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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Imagine Out of the Box Party

What a fun evening!  MFK (my friend Kathy), Suzanne, Beth and I got together to open the Imagine box.  It was so difficult to ignore that big box in my entry way all afternoon!  But I knew they would be disappointed if I started without them so I waited. 

Most of the scrapping girlfriends had busy evenings, but three of them managed to make time to see the Imagine.  Peggy was busy with the Greek Festival and Pat was off to the Tenn vs GA football game and Toby had a date with her hubby.  Poor Beth came over after teaching all day and then working the homecoming carnival.  What a woman!

We started by unpacking the Imagine, and then the software needs an update.  We followed the instructions for set up and inserted the printer cartridges during the wait time.

 Finally we got down to business.  I loaded the Imagine's JT cartridge and selected the guitar cut.  I made several other selections and then we tried our first print and cuts.

 I glanced up to find MFK fixated on the Imagine and just had to get a quick photo of her intrigue.

 Of course she got even in spades!  There were a lot of less than flattering photos of me playing with the Imagine.  In the photo above Suzanne is reading the manual and I am reading the LCD screen.

Loading the second sheet of cardstock to start the word cuts.

Showing off our first cuts, two guitars and a tag (I chose the tag paper from the JT patterns).   And what did we do with those elements? 

 My first Imagine card!!  I layered the cuts using pop dots.  I scored the printed tag and after trimming, wrapped it around my base card.  I added gold trim, a touch of ribbon and gems using the I-Rock tool.

 Above and below are close ups of the cut elements.  The photo above shows how I used a micro tipped pen and added a black outline to the guitar.  I also used my white pen to add doodles to the card.

I am so looking forward to playing with the Imagine today... I may even read the manual myself first!!  :-)


  1. looks like you had a blast love that cart Jt ordered it and waiting to receive it

  2. this is just darling and I would just be so thankful to receive a working one, lol. Hugs

  3. Very cute write up! Love the photos - they are hilarious!

    Your card is FANTASTIC!! I love how you wrapped that tag around the card! Pen work is very clever also!

    Aren't you just loving the Imagine??

  4. WOO HOO!!!! So happy you were able to get an Imagine!!! I think I am almost as excited for you as you are =)

    I cant wait to see what you come up with!!!!!


  5. How your first creation look forward to seeing more!

  6. Your card is Amazing!!!

    I am follower now.


  7. We were together in spirit this weekend... I got my Imagine on Friday too! I am in LOVE!! My first project(s) was to make 1"x3" cards with a sample of each of the cartridge colors and patterns. Once I printed them and cut them out, I laminated them and put them on a ring so I could have them to refer to for future projects.

    Your card is amazing! Hope to see you soon!


  8. That looks like fun! You are so lucky! I got my imagine last tuesday and guess what? I have to send it back and wait for a new one :0( I tried to play with it and it doesn't work... I had to called PC and they told me to send it back. So now I have to wait.... I'm happy to be your newest follower, so now I can check all your new projects with the imagine! I hope you can visit my blog somtime :0).

    Have a great day,
    Carol L (

  9. Cool, Susan! Love your card. I, of course have not had a chance to play with my Imagine because of the difficult BBTB2 project we had this week. LOL You owe us! xxD