Thursday, September 30, 2010

Projects, Where Oh Where are the Projects

I have missed my blog... It has been a tough week.  For some crazy reason I went into super-mom/Susie-homemaker mode last week.  My youngest son is home from college on fall break (he is on a crazy school schedule).  Ian asked me to make one or two of his favorite meals last week.  Of course this guy's favorite meals are not burgers and pizza.... oh no.... He wanted Greek Chicken Pie (i.e. chicken, feta, spring onions, spices, in a fabulous sauce wrapped in flaky phyllo) and Beef Bourguignonne with Egg Noodles.  Seriously.  The simpler of the meals he requested was homemade tacos and homemade beef BBQ. 

I think I have gained four pounds in the last week.  Did I forget to mention the homemade apple pie? Yes I did.  I made from scratch apple pie and pie crust on Sunday.  That pie was awesome.  And the crust was fabulous.  I also used the Cricut Cake machine to cut extra pie dough to decorate the top of the pie. The apples were from A Child's Year and the flourish is from French Manor.

Ian goes back to Atlanta on Friday and I think Doug, Bethany and I will going on a diet starting Saturday!  I will be making a round trip to Atlanta and back in one day, so there will be no crafting on Friday either.   But this weekend THERE WILL BE CRAFTING!! 

I have three projects planned for the weekend.  My next two BBTB2 projects as well as my fall Yudu napkins. 

I will be back tomorrow to select a winner of the Custom Crops gift voucher/blog candy.  Sorry to be so worthless in the craft world this week.  I will improve....


  1. You are most certainly allowed to be enjoying the time with your son! Sometimes we all have those Suzy Homemaker days, and the papercrafting gets put on the back's ok! Safe Travels.

  2. It sounds to me like your totally enjoying spoiling your son before he goes back or is that fattening him up to make sure he last's out until the next holiday!!! Love the apple pie cuts, I never knew you could cut pastry.
    Kim xXx

  3. You are so super creative. I just love this. I must force myself to start using my Cricut Cake Machine at least once a week. Hmmm....maybe this weekend I will bake a cake...or something LOL.

  4. What a beautiful pie!! It wouldn't last long in my house!! :-)

  5. Please please send me some. Looks amazing!

    Linda K