Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cricut Circle Arrives in Aiken

Were you aware that FedEx has standard delivery on Saturday?  I found out today when my wonderful FedEx van rolled up and dropped off my Cricut Circle membership box!!!

Inside the box was the welcome letter, the membership certificate, French Manor Cartridge and my Cricut charm bracelet. 

I just had to lay the bracelet out on a white surface and take a photograph to share.

I just wanted to share... Now I must get back to working on the new product!!!!!


Robin's Creative Cottage said...

This is such fun news! I'm so glad you shared..... yes and I'm jealous, but sooooo excited for you!!!

Amy said...


Dawn said...

I got mine on friday, but could not open it until Saturday. Love it. cant wait to see what else they are going to do for us.

Jennifer said...

You must be so excited!!! Congratulations on being a member of the Cricut Circle! :)

Regina Easter said... your goodies...I didn't join myself, but will be on the look out for your fab projects..hugs

Live Love and Scrap said...

Oh my goodness....soooo jealous =) I think its awesome you were able to join and thanks for sharing whatcha got!!!!


Corliss McBride said...

Congrat Susan, I received mine on Saturday morning. Now it's time to have more fun.

scrapperbecka said...

Still waiting for mine, but sooo excited for it to come, can't hardly wait!