Cricut Maker Machine

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guilt Post & New MS Cartridges

I am still chin deep in dvd production but I wanted to share the images of the new Martha Stewart Cricut Cartridges that I ran across.  I have not been to the MB so I am going to guess that the images have already been posted there, but just in case here they are again.

This is the all occassion cartridge - lots of lacy cuts and BORDERS!!  I know that MS borders were requested!

This is the Elegant Cartridge - again lots of lay cuts.  I love the images in the first row of lines one, two, and three.  I see a lot of potential here!

And finally this is the seasonal cartridge.  Cute, cute.  I really like the birthday hat and the circle poinsettia cuts.  Oh Provo Craft!  Why must you continue to take all of my extra $$$?

You should plan to go by Joy's Blog and Melanie's Blog for info on winning a set of the ms cartridges!  Hurry, go!!!!


  1. Great carts, Thanks for the pics!

  2. I love the MS borders. Thanks for the introduction to the new products.

  3. Oh my! These are fantstic! Thanks for sharing images with us!

  4. Thanks for sharing the cartridge content. I hadn't gotten to see these yet. They are great!

  5. I love these new cartridges...can't wait to play with them.