Cricut Maker Machine

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twin Graduation Cards Using Cindy Loo and Hello Kitty

I had to make graduation cards for a set of twins this week.  That was a challenge.  I used Cindy Loo, Hello Kitty (though the cards are Kittyless - GASP!), Hello Kitty Font, and Just Because Cards.  Have you seen the frame feature on Cindy Loo.  Oh my goodness, they are adorable.  I went with a simple flower trimmed frame as I need to pop the cards into the mail.  But WOW - such choices.

I really like that the cartridge has the layer cuts for the frames.  That made me very happy because normally I have to use Design Studio and McGyver the extra pieces. 

I used the diploma cut from Hello Kitty Greetings to fill the frame on the front of the card.  After I photographed the cards I added each of the girls' first initials to the teal seal on her card.  I thought that might personalize the cards a bit.

Inside the cards I added a yellow matting and the word Congrats, cut from the Hello Kitty Font cartridge.  I also added a little flower to the lower right corner of each card. 

I am a few days late making the cards so I had to rush them into the mail.  The twins are fabulous girls and both are so excited to be off to college this fall.  And yes, they are going to the same college!!