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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Extension Cable Compatible With The Gypsy & Cricut

Have you seen the fabulous product for sale at ScrappinCricut?  Kendra is selling six foot long extension cable that will work with your Gypsy, Design Studio and Cricut machine.  I love this idea because the cable that connects my Gypsy to my Cricut is so darned short - I have to rearrange my desk to cut with my G.  But with the this, those days are GONE!!!  I had to laugh when I read one of her visitor comments.  It said thanks for improving on the shortest cord ever!  So true!!

Kendra's ad says:

"Do you use both the Gypsy and Cricut Design Studio and get tired of switching between two cords?
Well, do I have the solution for you!
I have an Extension cable now available that works with the Gypsy and the Cricut Design Studio.
It is a 6 foot cable that plugs directly into your Cricut, Cricut Expression, Cricut Create or Cricut Cake!
No longer do you have to reach over your Cricut, turn your Cricut around or turn it over in order to get your
Gypsy or Computer plugged it.
It is truly a must have for your Scrapbooking and Cricut needs!
They are available for a limited time for only $10.00 each plus shipping! Insurance is available if desired."
For more information visit Kendra at Scrappin Cricut.  She has a paypal "buy" botton for fast processing and all orders ship within two business days.   You don't want to miss this... How nice will it be to have six extra feet of cord when hooking your Gypsy to the Cricut????  Yep, no more tiny cable issues!!!! 


  1. Oh my goodness - this is the best!! Thank you Susan for posting this...that's mainly the reason I rarely use my DS, because of the logistics of my computer vs. Expression.
    As your blog!!

  2. Bless you and Kendra! And such service! As soon as I read this post last Thursday, I placed an order. I received an email from paypal at 1:07 regarding my payment; another email at 3:46 that it had been shipped; and it was in my mailbox yesterday! Funny thing is that I wasn't positive what I was ordering. You made it sound like something I needed, so I ordered it. :o) Well, you were right. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!