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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Las Vegas Paris Casino Layout

I spent Friday - Sunday at my friends Sally's and Beth's lake house enjoying a scrapping weekend get away.  "My Friend Kathy" (MFK) and I began working on our Las Vegas scrapbooks.  I managed to nearly complete 11 double page spreads (22 pages) as well as work on my BBTB2 project.  I thought it was a wonderfully productive weekend.

The first layout I am sharing is the Paris Casino.  I really liked the decor and of course the Eiffel Tower provided for fabulous evening photos of the strip. I conviced MFK to use the same cuts on her Paris page. 

I used two cartridges to complete this layout, Destinations and Summer in Paris, both of which were delivered to my hotel in Vegas by Terri of TerriKrafts.  I cannot say enough kind words about Terri!!!  Who else provides Casino delivery service for free???

I used the shadow cut of Summer in Paris' Eiffel tower to create a layered back ground on the left page.  I cut the detailed tower for the right page. 

I am just amazed at how many cuts I will be able to use from Destinations for this one trip.  Destinations turned out to be a great investment.

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I have a lot more scrapping yet to share!!!!


  1. How funny! I'm working on a Las Vegas album as well! Don't you love vegas? Greatest City EVER! I can't wait to go back! My friend took me at the begining of the month and this weekend is her birthday so I'm scrapping all our pictures :) Your layouts are too cute!!

  2. Beautiful layout! I have some pictures from our trip years ago that I am not sure what to do with..this gives me some ideas! Thank you for sharing these layouts and inspiring me to get out those photos!

  3. You know I used to live in Vegas and never thought when I moved I would miss it but seeing your pics I actually do LOL. Who would have thought! LOL These are great, love the colors and it's nice to see all the images that I used to take for granted and never took the pics I want now that I'm not there. I guess I'm going to have to go visit Ha Ha! TFS I love them all!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  4. Great layouts! And 22 pages! Girl you've been busy with the Cricky! Can't wait to see more. I have challenge #3 up on my blog now - VACATION theme - any project. You should enter one of these layout pages for it. :) Janis

  5. This is a great lay out. I can't wait to see your other Vegas pages. I still have a bunch to do and can always use the inspiration. Thanks, Dallas

  6. Great layouts! TFS!
    A scrapping weekend away sounds absolutely wonderful.

  7. Honestly Susan, you are a MACHINE! How you can get so much done while spending time with girlfriends is beyond me. This layout is sooo fun! I really loved Vegas the one time I was there. Fabulous! xxD