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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Graduation Card for Mark

This may not look like a traditional graduation card, but then the graduate is not a traditional kind of guy.  Mark is the son of one of my friends, but more importantly he is a young man that we watched grow from a fourteen year old teen into a more mature twenty-two year old man.    Mark graduated from the College of Charleston last Saturday and I bet it was the best Mother's Day gift that his mom has ever received. 

I have always liked Mark. As a teen he had a mischievous, infectious smile. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mark was always with my older two children back in high school when they were someplace doing something that they should not have been doing. Not that Mark was ever bad. No, he was and is FUN to be around. And he has always been caring and compassionate. He has always been fun to have around and to be around.

I used three cartridges to create Mark's card:  Elegant Cakes, Just Because Cards, and Calligraphy.  I cut the layered scrolling frame on the front of the card from Elegant Cakes.  The lettering all came from Calligraphy.  And the rest of the card was cut using Just Because Cards.  I went with primarily maroon and black papers, the traditional College of Charleston colors.  I did toss in a bit of metallic gold paper to make the front of the card more festive.  I finished the card with two inside borders and the word Congratulations. 

I hope that Mark likes the card.  I was going for "guy elegant" and I think this fits the bill! And even if he hates the card, Mark should like what I plan to put inside!!!  :-)


  1. Great card, termed perfectly "guy elegant". Your last sentence made me chuckle. TFS - glad you're back - have a great day!

  2. It IS guy elegant, Susan! The perfect touch of elegance, but still manly enough! LOL! Beautiful job and good luck to Mark!

  3. This one is great, I am sure it will be a big hit!

  4. Really fabulous susan, and certainly "guy elegant". He'll love it! xxD

  5. I love this card! Very elegant, and masculine! I have WC to make caps for my daughter's friends, but I want to make her a "special" grad card, she has done so well this year, and worked so very hard to bring up her GPA. She starts Augusta State U in the fall, and I'm just flabbergasted..where did my baby go?

    She sounds much like your friend's son, very compassionate, and loving, yet she can be very mischievous, especially with her Daddy Dale, they seem to love to get my goat every chance they get!

    I hope you don't mind if I case this card, I think she would love something like this card!

    Thanks again Susan for all your inspiration and so enjoyed your LO from yesterday at Everyday Cricut. Gorgeous!!!

    Crafty Hugs,
    Lisa :)

    PS: In her annual one of the school's most popular teachers wrote a very heartfelt note about what a wonderful young woman she is and awarded her with an "Outstanding in advanced British Literature." I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact she used the "Winter Woodland" font for her main titles for her assignment on Thomas Hardy. LOL Her presentations always got the highest scores. Thank you CRICUT! :)