Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank You Hannah at Sherbet Blossom Designs

I love, LOVE, love my new custom blog design and blinkies! Hannah at Sherbet Blossom Designs designed the background, banner and blinkie elements. I love everything about this design. She took my very few limited comments and made something wonderfully fun and special. I feel like the blog design really expresses my tastes and shows the up beat fun attitude that I like to express in my projects.

Hannah’s blinkie is on the lower part of the right column – check out her premade and custom blog packages to get a special look for your blog.
Oh and THANK YOU DOUG for not thinking I was crazy when I asked for blog packages for my birthday!


  1. I meant to comment about the new look of your blog yesterday when I stopped by...I think it looks fantastic! I should really look into getting something customized done for mine.

  2. I commented the other day that I love it! It's just a nice fresh look!

  3. Thanks Melissa and Angie. And yes Angie I saw your post earlier in the week. Thanks for noticing!!! :-)

    xx Susan