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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cooking Up Heathier Eating

I have been on my own this week as my husband is away on a business trip.  Just prior to his departure I started making efforts to lighten up and "healthy-up" our menus.  While he has been away I have cleaned out and reorganized the pantry, including tossing a few items and replacing others with lighter, healthier versions.  I also found out about a once-a-week organic market here in Aiken.  So on Tuesday Katie and her baby Sophie, and I went to the organic market and puchased fruits and veggies.  Every other week the market will also have cheeses and butters so I picked up some organic gouda and organic butter with sea salt.  WOW.  Both are fantastic.

One of the few good things that happens when Doug travels is that I make and eat items that he would not enjoy but that I really like.  Yesterday I prepared Scallops and Risotto.  I found the recipe HERE.  Even if you do not make the recipe you should read the section on selecting scallops (which were on sale at my local Publix yesterday!!).  Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did not make the recipe exactly as written.  I omitted the slaw and added a salad on the side.  Also, I forgot to purchase green onions so I just skipped them.   The rice, onions, butter, olive oil and chicken stock were all organic.  The scallops are cooked in a bit of olive oil until the edges caramelize.  They had a fabulously light crispness on the edge with the tender insides.

This salad was also wonderful.  I used spring mixed greens with some baby spinach.  I add some plum tomatoes, oranges, and topped this with a raspberry pomegranite vinegarette.  Everything but the dressing (which is made by Ken's) was purchased at the organic market. 

Everything I have tasted thus far that was purchased at the market has been wonderful.  I have found the flavors to be fuller.  I cannot wait to see what wonders they will have for me next week!!!


  1. Grats on the healthy eating - the salad look great. WTG!

  2. Can you come cook for me please!!!??? I LOVE scallops and salad is my very favorite food on the face of the earth!!!!!!!!

    Looks sooooo yummy =)