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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog Awards

I would like to thank Melissa from Disney Dreamer Designs for this BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER Award.  Isn't this a pretty award???  Thank you Melissa! 

As I understand the rules I am supposed to share seven things about myself and pass the blog award along to 15 other bloggers.  WOW - that is a lot of bloggers.

  1. My fiftieth birthday is in two weeks.

  2. One of my favorite flowers is the Camellia - I have two Yuletide Camellias at my front door and it is like having roses in the dead of winter each time I open the front door. This is a Yuletide Camellia:

  3. I collect tea sets.  I would share a photo of my favorite set, but I cannot pick just one.

  4. I try to decorate inside my home for every holiday.  Okay, I skip a few, but I hit all of the biggies.  Last spring my daughter brought a few friends from college for the weekend.  She told me that one of them asked what was up with all of the rabbits in our house - rabbit tea sets (see #3), rabbit plates (see #7), rabbit figurines, rabbits in baskets, etc.  She said she looked at the person and said "Duhh, Easter!"  That's my girl!!!

  5. I love to read.  I devour books. I have two or three books that I liked so much that I have read them over and over because I hate to say goodbye to the characters.

  6. I love Walt Disney World.  I am like a big kid in a candy store when we visit.  I wear the Minnie Mouse hat with ears of course and insist that we do the photo pass photos as frequently as possible.

  7. I am a dish-oholic.  I have to limit myself or I would have more dishes than I have storage space.  Dishes are my naughty little indulgence.
I am supossed to pass this along to 15 beautiful bloggers. 
I realized as I created this list that it could go on and on.... We have so many amazing people sharing their creative and stunning work on line.... WOW.

I also need to thank Linda at Ladybug's Lair.  Linda gave me this lovely award:
Thanks you so much Linda!!!  This was so sweet of you.  In that I have already passed this award on previously, I am not going to select specific blogs.  I would like every reader with a blog to please feel free to post this award on your blog.  (One of my seven items above should have been "I don't always play by the rules").

I will be back tomorrow with my BBTB project and the story of reorganizing the pantry.


  1. Susan!!! You are so sweet for sharing this with me and in such AMAZING company!!! I have received a few blog awards in the last week and I need to figure out how to post them and pass around the love!!!
    Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my it!!! I enjoyed reading 7 things about you...we have Disney in common, except we are Disneyland...we go any chance we get!!! I cant wait til my boys are older...we are hoping to be able to take them to Disney World some day!!!

    Have a blessed day,

  2. Susan, thank you so much for sharing this aware with me! You are such a sweetheart, and your work is such an inspiration to me. So I'm very honored to have you think of me! Loved reading your facts! Thanks for making me smile!

  3. hi Susan thank you so much girl for the nice of you to think of me....I just came back from disneyland in la...had a great time...only been to the one in florida really is a wonderful place...hugs

  4. Susan

    Wow!!! that is what I must say, you are so very kind and give such inspiration to me as well as other. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful award, you are always so sweet and leave comments on my blog. This is a FAB and to shaare such beautiful company I'am just so flatter Thank You again so very much

    Huggs PinkE

  5. Susan, Thank you for the blogger award. We have alot in common to bad you are too many states away we would have a good time together. I love to read also my favorite is The Secret Life of Bees. I have read that book many times over and I have an extensive tea cup collection. Living near the New Madrid earthquake fault makes me a little nervous for them! Thank you so much for think of me.


  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SUSAN!!! I will be back first thing tomorrow morning to pick up and post my award! Thanks for sharing a little bit of you with us! Your creations are always so much fun too see and they truly brighten up my day!

  7. aww susan youre just the sweetest :)
    thank you so much for thinking of me while passing out this award.. im very flattered :) i had fun reading your facts :) big hugs!! shelly
    ill get this on my blog by this weekend :) hugs girl! shelly

  8. You seem like such a terrific person. I love your blog and I thank you deeply for sharing your creations with us. I don't technically have any followers on my blog yet (I just started it a couple days ago)! So, I don't feel right to post it, but I hope to one day become as creative and inspirational as you!

  9. Thank you so much for this award - I am sorry to be a bit slow in collecting it! You are always so creative and kind. I hope that one day we will have a chance to crop together!