Sunday, February 7, 2010

Totally NOT Paper Craft Related... But OH SO GOOD

I know that my blog is usually all about paper crafting - scrapping, cards, home decor. But today our regularly scheduled paper crafting post is being interrupted by this unimportant announcement: I made my first-ever six layer cake!!! Okay really it was three baked layers cut in half, but it felt like six layers.

I have had the cake recipe literally for years and had never used it. It required serious beating time - all together the cake is beat for about thirteen to fourteen minutes. But it makes a light and delicate cake that is wonderful with the homemade whipped frosting. Half of the layers are topped with strawberry preserves and half are topped with the whipped frosting. The only downside to the whole cake was I forgot to increase the quantity of whipped frosting so the sides a frosted very thinly.

And speaking of the frosting, it has no powdered sugar. It tastes like whipped cream, but is made with homemade flour paste, butter and granulated sugar. You beat this in several steps for a total of 12 minutes. It is FABULOUS and was the perfect topping for this light cake.


  1. Beautiful cake! It looks very tasty too.

  2. WOW...does that ever look YUMMY!!!

    Thanks Susan for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog....coming from sure does mean ALOT =)


  3. Yummy Susan. My father loved a similar cake. Basically it was a yellow cake that you also sliced in layers. The filling was sliced bananas in place of the jam and for the frosting you mashed several bananas and folded it into fresh whipped cream and alternated layers then topped off with whipped cream for icing. Somehow this cake seemed familiar. TFS, Mary

  4. Oh that looks sooooo yummy! I'm thinking the substitution of raspberry for strawberry would go over big in our house!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  5. Oh Susan, Yum yum yum!!!Are you going to share the recipe? We have diabeties here, so we'd have to see if it can be manipulated in some way and still taste as good. But it looks terrific! TFS

  6. this looks So good! Can you share the reciepe?

  7. Thanks everyone. Yes, I will post the recipe for the cake and the frosting later in the week. Probably on Thursday.... As I have posts for Monday - Wednesday already scheduled.

    xx Susan

  8. My mom makes that kind of froasting. I love it on her chocolate mayo cupcakes. It's the best. Thanks for sharing. Noreen