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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Opposing Team Fire Starters

Have you been by Custom Crops this week and checked out the new projects and products?  I have one new project which posted on Monday, Opposing Team Fire Starters.  This cute project was created for my husband's 50th birthday party. 

Like all football fans Doug has a favorite team.  And like most fans he has a least favorite team.  In his case, the least favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons.  Through a suggestion made by my younger son and some brainstroming, the football fire starters were born!

The cut file and complete assembly instructions are available at Custom Crops.  Just click on the blinkie on the left and you will see the project on my list of projects.

My friend Kathy pointed out that the men at Doug's party reacted to these football players with more enthusiasm that she had ever seen them respond to any paper crafting project.  She said it was as if they finally found a reason to appreciate the cricut!!!


  1. A lovely creation. Although in UK we do not appreciate the football uniform I think you have executed the project with excellence.

  2. That is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen!!!!....Wow, I just may have discovered a way to have my hubby support this habit/hobby of mine!!!!....Thank you so much...I find your work brillian and this here is the most inspiring thing I've found in forever!

  3. What a hilarious idea! SOOOO creative Susan! Boy, why don't you start on the Big 10 teams! LOL xxD